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You Are Important! You Have A Purpose!

We know, it may seem cliche’ to say, but it is so true. You matter! You were created with a specific design in mind, part of that purpose is a relationship with Christ.You were designed to have a real and meaningful friendship with Him. Jesus loves you soo much that He sacrificed Himself for you. He died on a cross at a place called skull hill.

He gave Himself up to save you from eternal separation from Him.He wants to know you personally and he wants to be your friend. We know that may seem foreign or strange to alot of people. But, 2nd Timothy 1:9 says

He has saved us and called us to a holy life—not because of anything we have donebut because of his own purpose and grace.This grace was given to us in Christ Jesus before the beginning of time. You were set apart before the beginning of time! We know life gets rough, it doesn’t make sense 99% of the time. We all have that void, that space deep inside us that we are trying to fill. We are here to tell you,

YOU HAVE A GOD SHAPED HOLE. Only a relationship with Him can fill the void that you feel. ————————————————————————————————————–

OK. But How? God has made it so simple to accept His gift of grace and salvation that alot of times it seems difficult. Romans 10:13 says“Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” You simply have to call upon His name,speak to him (we know that can seem odd)but it’s just like talking to any other friend. If you want to start a relationship with God,just speak these simple words.

Lets Pray: God, I feel empty, I need you to fill the void I have deep inside of me.I want to live the life You have planned for me, because I realize doing it my way isn’t working anymore. I’m thankful for the sacrifice You made on the cross for me and I want to learn to live in Your grace and love. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

If you just prayed that prayer for the first time or maybe you’ve been off track for a while and you’ve decided to start fresh, WE WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT.

Contact us at EventsElkGrove@gmail.com We have a gift for you because you are that important to us!


MY STORY-next post I will be sharing my story and my dream….tune infriends

So as I have been away the Lord has led and allowed me to start a business venture, and I went for it.  Amazing Lord we serve.  This is in the area of my talents “creativity” it should be my middle name…smiles.  So I am venturing out into ta world unknown to me and meeting folks around the world.
I feel blessed and honored to follow my heart as God leads as life just gets  more interesting and challenging and YES fun. WOW

My desires is to teach young ladies, women of all ages actually how to care for what God graciously gave us our skin….yes you heard me our skin.  Why because everything is absorbed through our skin and if we will be healthy children of God we will be careful what we put on our skin.  I am going to  be sharing many things i have learned through the years about our health and beauty because GOD loves both.As we serve GOD can serve Him in excellence we should also take care of the bodies he gave to us in excellence.   God bless and watch for more posts..

http://bellabreenaturals.com  Visit us if you would like to see what we are up to….

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money cannot buyKnow this; that I have called you to be LIFE to a dying generation of people, I have called you to carry My presence to a generation who has never known the goodness of God in the land of the living. Dead man’s bones, do you hear the sound like Ezekiel heard? the bones rattling, hear the sound and know that surely the Lord is in the place of death to bring forth life to this generation and you My My children are called even as Ezekiels, seeing the idols, seeing the sin of My people , but today I call you Joshua’s, one who will take the land, bring a people that were not a people into the land of living and life more abundant, you will go and make disciples of all men, teaching them truth never swaying with the winds of many “doctrines of devils” that many have fallen for in this generation, deceived by the deceiver….. you will be carriers of My glory, you will bring many out of their deception says the Lord for you are Mine, you live and move and have your being in Me says the Lord.

Rise up and rejoice every day that your name is written in the Book of Life, and not for any other reason would be greater than this, but you are Mine Holy and Beloved of Me says the Lord. Come and let us move together, and bring about change and bring about a people who have no hope back to the place of hope, for only in Me will the hope they need be found says the Spirit of the Lord. Amen and Amen

Gail Manizak
March 12, 2016

this too shall pass 8     I am taking you quickly step by step upwards/and onward.  Come up higher!  In a moment you, My sons and daughters came to a standstill and it did not feel right for you.  I am refilling and I am re-fueling you for the future filling with the Holy Spirit and Fire of the Holy Spirit.  I am filling you with the Oil of Joy and Garment of Praise for the spirit of heaviness has been upon you.  There is much to do.  There have been many arrows, darts and weapons thrown your way.  Each one hurt but I have given you Grace to get through it all.  That which has happened took you back a bit,  knocked you down for a moment, it is truly only be for a moment.   Place all your trust in Me.  I am giving you a double portion of stamina to continue to stand with your loins girded about with truth and a double portion of the anointing.  Do not second guess your steps or your anointing.  The steps of a good man are ordered of the Lord, and His anointing is your portion.

Do not look around and wonder if you are in the place I have called you to be.  You My sons and daughters you are standing where I have ordered your steps.  It seems as if these are small beginnings.  I am positioning you for much more, new doors to open, pouring into you double portions of all that I have promised you.  My children, you have stepped out when others would not and you were wounded at times for  your steps of faith.  Keep opening your mouth and I will keep filling it with My words.  My words will never return to Me void as they are released from your mouth, they will do what they are intended to do, for the Kingdoms sake.

I have called you to a place of total consecration, totally surrendering all that you are or even hope to be to Me, full surrender is what I want, I want nothing less.  Be the ones that will do what I ask when no one else seems to have time or wants to surrender their all.  You have been good stewards of time and of seeking My will, and of all that I have asked you to do.  You are ones who have come after Me with your whole heart, nothing wavering.

There will be many who will not befriend and even unfriend you because of the anointing upon your life.  My own Son took three disciples up the mountain, the others were not invited, you I have invited, you I have chosen to be My mouthpiece in his world.  I am taking you to the top of the Mountain if you will go.  But even at that, you must walk close to Me.  There are many that would desire to put you aside and even to put you in a pit,  to even silence your voice.  I have given each of you a voice and you will not be silenced.  I will not allow you to be silenced says the Lord.

The enemy goes around looking for those that he may devour.  You My children, have a discernment that sees your enemy afar off.  You hear the roar afar off and I have given you the ability to protect My sheep.  I have given you the ability to feed My sheep.  You are ones who will minister the word of life to those who need to hear whether it be just one sheep or one million sheep.  I told Peter, “Feed My Lambs, Feed My Sheep”.   I have called you to those who are lost, needy, weak and wobbly, weary and worn, those who do not know Me, and those who are torn…..those that many others have left behind, many bruised and broken.  Just keep going forward.  There is much we will yet do.

We are one.  Come and follow in the way that I lead you.  You will know the great love, the Father has for you, as that same love dwells in you.  I have poured into you as you have been able to contain it.  I have given you stamina and strength, and the perseverance for you to say, “I will never give up and I will never quit.  I will forever follow the Lord”.  I see your hearts and no matter what comes your way, you< My own, have determined to follow the destiny I have called you to.  You know that it is by My Grace only that you will never fall and that you will never give up.  Arise and shine!   Do not let  temporary trials disturb you one bit,  nor even allow your countenance to be brought low.  I have filled you with My Spirit to overflowing and spilling over to others, rejoice in all things..

The Power and Presence Ministry

Gail Manizak

February 22, 2016

heard and loved  It is a new season it is a new day.  Like a puzzle I am putting the pieces together, yes even one piece at a time.  Transition, in motion, come endure and prepare for the ride.  Watch and see change, as it is coming about, Marvel at My hand in motion!  I am doing this say the Lord.  Change of mind, change of venue, change of place, change, change, change!  Many things are coming together, piece by piece.  Can you perceive it and can you accept it?  Can you trust Me say the Lord?

I have been removing some things and imparting the “new”  step by step, we go  All that is not of eternal value I am removing.  Here comes transition and replacing of old thought patterns into the new.  They were not necessarily bad, they were just not My thoughts.  There is coming a time when the release of the gifting of the prophetic and word of wisdom must come forth.  This is transition and a going forth in the Spirit as never before.

Get ready!  Though it seems things are taking time to come together, it is as if a woman would sew a huge quilt.  Each piece of fabric has to be put in place in order for the quilt to become the beauty it is supposed to be.  Through transition, I am bringing you to the place I want you, piece by piece and step by step.  This is not anything you can do.  The Spirit of God in you is working and, because you have been so pliable in My hands, you have noticed changes coming about in this season.  You have craved it and sought after it and this is the year of releasing My people, releasing My prophets, My teachers My evangelists and My Apostolic ones.  They have been given a voice that is truly from Me.  The enemy has attempted to silence the voice of My children in every way possible.  Though you were silenced and unable to speak for a moment I, the Lord, am giving you a boldness this season to walk in Holy boldness with My strength.  Follow Me through these dark places.  Bring light to many who have sat in darkness not knowing how to find their way out and into the light and into the freedom that I have for them.  I have given you the boldness to speak and the favor to be heard.

I am going to bring you to that place where what I have done in you will be imparted to others.  As you lay your hands upon others, there will be an impartation of new strength new perseverance, they will reach new plateaus.  Know this, though many have turned away, though many have found the place of lukewarmness,  I have raised up a remnant church who are alive and well, they will not leave any wounded or dying in the streets but will feed and nourish the weak, weary and worn, giving them a fresh word from heaven.  It will be manna that will cause them to survive and to live again.

Amen and Amen

The Power and Presence Ministry
Gail Manizak
February 12, 2016


HOPE8I have plans for you to prosper and to be restored.  I know your struggles.  I have heard your cry and I am releasing prosperity.  Though you can’t see it, believe!  Come, My children.  The life of the godly is full of light and joy, hope and peace but the light of the wicked will be snuffed out.  There is no light in them.  I am the Light and My children are like Me.  They walk in the Light as I am the Light.  Those who do not have fellowship with Me, those who are not attached to the Vine, they have no part in Me.  Many are full of the pride of life.  Pride leads to much conflict.  Those who take advice and are disciplined, knowing My word, are wise stewards and filled with hope.  In life or in death they have hope.

Wealth from get-rich-quick schemes quickly disappears.  Wealth from hard work grows over time.  Hope deferred makes the heart sick  but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life. Oh, My children, come!  Allow Me to fill your dreams in the night season with hope.  Without hope you cannot live with any quality of life.  All must have hope.   Without hope you will become sick and die.  Many of My people, those who have become stubborn and rebellious, despise advice.  Therefore they are asking for trouble.  Those who respect a command will succeed in life and their hope will be fulfilled.  Those that have hope will live and live big.  They will overflow with laughter and joy.  Those who cannot take advice and cannot follow instruction will never know laughter that is healthy nor will they know joy.  Come and become a tree of life.

Wise people think before they act.  Fools don’t and even brag about their foolishness.  An unreliable messenger stumbles into trouble.  A reliable messenger brings healing and hope to a people in need.  I have given to My children a future and a hope.  They live in the vision of the hope that I have instilled within them for they are Mine.  They have purpose.  Those who do not know Me have no purpose in life.  They have no hope nor an expected end.  My own children are wise.  Wisdom from Heaven fills them.  As the instruction of the wise is like a life-giving force, those who accept it avoid the snares of death.

Those of you, My children, that ignore correction, you will end in poverty and disgrace.  If you accept correction, you will be honored and transformed.  All that I have is yours.  I am your provider.  Your life becomes one that will give many a future, a purpose, and a hope.  My children, as you exercise good sense, you will be respected.  If you are treacherous you are headed for destruction.  Whatsoever a man sows, that will he also reap.  It is pleasant to see dreams come true.  Walk with the wise and become wise.  The godly will eat and provision will be theirs until they are content.  The wicked are not so.  There is no provision for the ungodly.  The wicked go hungry.  Amen and Amen

The Power and Presence Ministry
Gail Manizak


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