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Rejoice Even Forever, Rejoice!

Your season has ended and the grace has been lifted off of you for the past season, look to the new.  This is what many are sensing, the grace I give is no longer there for your past in your place of employment, in your ministry and in your relationships, watch Me do a new thing for you.  A cloud has covered over you and things are not as bright nor as easy to do as at one time.  Abide in Me!  I in you and you in Me.  The Lord says we are going up the ladder; the next level of maturity in Me.  You My children will walk in more power and more love.  This fruit has developed through this past season of trials and hardship as you have asked largely of Me, in faith, believing.  This release, breakthrough has come through and is developed through diverstiy of trials.  I tell you now so you are never taken off guard, I reveal truth to you.  My children will know many things you have need of knowing before it happens.

In this season, I call you to come and be still before Me and allow time for Me to speak to you.  As you study My word and enter into your prayer closet, listen for My voice!  I want to speak and I am speaking to you.  As you are hearing Me, obey.  This is the word of confirmation to let you know you are walking in truth.  You are aware, many are not, five virgins are not of this coming move of My Spirit.  Come and let us move together with great ease, flowing in unity and in faith. 

I have not called you My children to chase after the things of this world, but to “be ye seperate from this world”.  Set apart.  The Lord says, My people are a peculiar people, loving things this world does not love, going after unsearchable riches this world does not consider to be valuable.  My true children walk after the purity of the Spirit and the things that are of eternal value.  There is nothing in this world that is of eternal value, nothing I have called you to says the Lord.  You are a prophetic generation who will lead the way for a people, who were not My people, but are coming to Me now.  This Generation will speak My words and call forth life to a dying world of lost sinners.  You, My children, will give words of life and give hope to the hopeless.  Many will never enter into My House, yet they will be instructed of Me says the Lord.  Those who love you and follow you, they will come to Me.  The Lord says, I have placed My own people strategically as they have followed, they will be a blessed people,  a hearing people, seeing and tasting at the Kings table.  Those who have lived well and served well, they will eat well, be cared for well.  Many have been placed to minister in the places that are among the brethren, yet not planted in My houses.  Feed My sheep!

I have placed you in this place you now find yourselves to be a “light bearer and a glory carrier” of My Spirit to a people who are seldom touched by a corporate body of believers.  Rejoice, My children, those who question your place right now, rejoice, trust yourselves to Me.  You are right where I want you for the moment.  At the time I move you, move with the cloud by day and fire by night, you will know and your feet will move as I estableish your every step.  Do not fear nor be faithless.  Only believe. 

Seek to spend time alone with Me!  Seek to give Me time to have with you for our time together is filled with greatness. Greatness is in intimacy, delight is in intimacy, revelation of Who I am comes in times of intimacy. 

Revelation and wisdom will come in the night season. Rejoice, My children!  Know that there is not one moment Iyou are left alone.  You are precious in My sight and I have much for you yet to accomplish in this darkened world.  Be the light, be the light, be the light I have called you to be.  Shout from the house tops what I tell you to say, do not fear what man can do to you, rejoice forever.  Amen and Amen.

February 26, 2013
Written by Gail Manizak



My children, be still!  And know that I am God!  There is nothing too hard for Me.  You have seen the giants in the land.  You have seen the land of darkness.  It would be too much to bear alone, I have provided for you.  My Grace is Sufficient for you.  Everywhere you are My grace and mercy is released as you have need, grace for the trial you are in, at this moment.

Look up!  Many things in your lives now, are coming full circle.  I am taking you from that desolate places, placing you into the places of new growth, new strength, and new events in Me, get ready says the Lord.  These times coming upon the earth are the darkest yet to come.  My Kingdom will arise in this time of darkness upon the earth.  Look to My Bride, look at her rising, beginning to shine like the sun [SON].  There are many that have not bowed to Baal but have served Me with open and honest hearts before Me says the Lord.  This is your finest hour, My children.  Many, before you would have desired to see this day.

My children, you My faithful ones, have sought Me even through the midnight hour, called out to Me.  “Yes”, I heard your voice and it was a sweet sound to My ear.  Go forth in the wisdom and strength I have given to you.  Do not fear man.  This is not a time to lose ground, but to go forward in My strength and be the church.

 Hold onto that which I have given to you, I am about to give you more, enlarging the territory of My people, those who are willing to take this next step of faith in this season and trust Me will prosper in all that you place your hands to do.  I, the Lord thy God, am raising up a mighty army that will go in and take the land that I have given to them.  A generation of fearless soldiers, I am sending forth.  None will retreat, nor relent but press through with power, anointing, and love.  They are the ones who have no fear, nothing in this world will change their minds, they are Mine.  It is I, the Lord, who have formed them, built their foundations and they are Mine.  They walk in My strength.  In their weaknesses, they found My strength, they walk in My strength, they live and move and have their being in Me.

This is the generation that will take the land back.  This is the generation that is taking the nations back.  That is what I have placed you here to do, preach the word, go and make disciples of all men.  Why would one thought or the voice or any person cause you to waver, declare My word says theLord?  Go forward in faith and keep your focus on the vision I have placed before you.  Those that will try to mislead you, do not follow, there is only one way, that is the way of the cross. I, the Lord will reveal truth, you My children, as you look to Me, will not come into deception.

Those that are not for you, they are not for Me, they will attempt to discourage and deceive you.  As they are against you, they were first against Me,  you My children, have taken many arrows meant for Me says the Lord, I saw it.  There are many who will turn you away from the way of truth, My word is truth.  You will not find My direction, if you follow the blind leading the blind.  I have sent you in truth, do not be deceived nor so easily betrayed or moved into beliving lies.  I, the Holy One of Israel, goes before you.  If you follow after man you will be deceived, I have never called you to lean on the arm of flesh.  I have called you to come to Me, look to Me.  Trust and obey Me.  When the time comes that there is  no one to stand with you, I am there with you and all of Heaven is backing you up.  You will never be alone nor forsaken.  Do not fear.  But go forward in the power of My might and My holy word, My presence goes before you.

Rise up and walk, take steps!  Now is the time to take the land.  Now is the time that I will release all that you need to see these days come to pass.  My people are calling for signs, wonders and miracles and this is pleasing to Me and yet, My ministers have not released My people to serve Me as I have called them to do.  You, My children have been have been called to holiness and righteousness.  Do not fear what man says to you or about you,  but go forward in the power of My might.  Many will follow you  for this is the chosen pathway, the Kingdom of Light to be released throughout the world.  You will gain ground as you follow My word, do not deter from My word.  Follow peace with all men and enlarge your territory.   Seize this day and seize this hour as I am call My Bride to come out of complacency and take steps in faith, nothing wavering.

I am calling you forward!  Do not fear your enemies!   I, your Lord and Savior Jesus, I have won the battle.  It has already been won.  Go and take the land.  I am promoting many to the next level of leadership and ministry in this season.  Rise up, My children and do not fear!  I have spoken to you and you have heard My voice.  There are many in this day that have been fooled, led astray by man.  I am calling My people into a realm of faith where they have not been nor ever will be again.  The time is coming upon the land.  All that follow man will eventually fall into darkness and despare.  

Those who follow the voice of a man, those who lift up a man above Me says the Lord, will falter under the curse of man.  Come out from among them and be ye separate!  Once again, I have called you with a Holy calling.  Many have not followed the call, but you, My children, you who have asked for more, I have heard.  I, the Lord your God heard and am bringinig and releasing what you have asked of Me, for you have not asked a selfish prayer, but to prosper the Kingdom.  Seek My heart!  In this day I am talking to My people in much simplicity and clarity, listen, listen, listen.  Do not fear but hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to the churches. 

Amdn and Amen

Gail Manizak

February 14, 2013


Moving Rocks, Stones and Debris

I am calling you, My children, into seasons of blessings.  The way is now being made clear before you. I, the Lord, am moving the rocks, the stones, the debris, and all things that would cause you to stumble.  As you have cried out to Me and asked Me to make your way clear, open your eyes and see and declare, as I have begun to clear the path before you.  I am releasing direction now for My bride.  I am the way the truth and the life, look only to Me says the Lord. Your way will become much clearer now in this upcoming season, as you read, believe and declare My word is truth.  The pathway that has been set before each one “specifically for you”, the way is being cleared for you now. 

As you have committed to Me your way, I, the Lord, now move you into the place that I have destined for you.  I have a perfect plan for your life.  As you follow My lead I will lead you in the ways of truth.  Seek after Me with all of your heart.  It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom, even the keys to the Kingdom.  Prepare yourself!  I am about to begin to move you out of the boat of comfort and ease, even of familiarity, that you might know Me better.  When the storm arises, speak to it!  This is taught in My word, I did it and I am asking you to do the same.  I am leading you, now, into a time of seeking out finest jewels, gems and nuggets in My word says the Lord. I am drawing you to My word and there you will find food there you have not yet eaten, the Lord says eat and be filled with My Spirit.  At times the storms will rage but I have always calmed the storms.  Now it is time for you, my children, to take authority and begin to speak to the storms of your lives and command the blessing of the Father.

Stay pliable in My hands says the Lord.  I will mold and make you into a vessel fit for My use, even as My word says, to be used for My glory.  Rejoice!  The day is at hand.  It is a lovely day of new experiences and new times of refreshing are on the way even now.  Let the waters wash over you like it does the rocks of a pure mountain stream.  Rain, Rest and Refreshing is for you now.  Your pathway will now lighten and bright as you seek Me daily.  This is your season, will you come?  Are you willing to step out into the unknown with Me, says the Lord.

My children, you are being drawn into a depth that some have not known, but this will become your resting place in the near future.  I, the Lord will feed you the greatest food, and in all of that we will have fun.  Move into My Word, Holy Spirit is bringing you into a new place of revelation and impartation.  Come and receive says the Lord. Come My children, let us rejoice, sup and journey together as deep calls unto deep.  I invite you by My presence to come and go with Me to a place of growth and depth to know My heart, My thoughts and learn My ways.  Provision is promised you, it is your inheritance.  To know My heart, My thoughts and ways you must ask seek and knock.  Come away and spend time with Me, this is the word of the Lord for all who would receive of His hand.  Truth!  Seek Him for the day is at hand.

Amen and Amen
February 13, 2013
Gail Manizak






I, your Fathers says, I am calling you into showers of blessings, come My dear children and be blessed.  I am making a way that is clear before you. Yes, moving the rocks, the stones, the rubbish, anything that would cause you to stumble, I am making a clear path.  As you have cried out to Me and asked Me to make your way clear, surely My children I have heard you and do answer your cries.  I am bringing you into a time of clear direction and you will see the pathway as never before.  Your way will become much brighter and lighter, to the point where you will literally see your destiny.  I, the Lord, have made straight paths for your feet in the desert places.

I am bringing you to the place where I would like you to be.  I have a perfect plan for your life.  As you follow Me, I will lead you in all of your ways.  As you seek Me with all of your heart, mind and soul, discover the way is becoming much lighter, the way much brighter.  It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.  Prepare yourself!  I am about to begin to move you out of the boat that you might know Me better, let’s by faith, let’s walk on water.  When the storm clouds arise, speak, “Peace Be Still” and calm that which has risen against you!  This is a time of seeking Me.  I am drawing you to My word; this is the direction I have prepared for you.  At times the way can become extremely tumultuous but I have always calmed the storms, and even now will continue.  Now it is time for you to take authority and begin to speak to the storms of life and command the blessing.  It is the Fathers good pleasure to give you the Kingdom, only believe.

Continue in that place of being pliable in My hands.  I will mold you and make you into a vessel fit for My use; you will be used for My glory.  Rejoice!  The day is at hand, a victorious day for My own.  It is a perfect day of new experiences, new times of refreshing are at hand.  Let the water wash over your lives like it washes over rocks in a pure mountain stream.  Refreshing is here for you now.  As come to the lighter and brighter pathway, are you willing to come?  Are you willing to step out into the unknown with Me?  Hand in hand.

This drawing you feel within towards My Word is the Holy Spirit bringing you to a new place of revelation and impartation.  Come, My child.  Let us go together.  I am bringing you to a place of growth and depth to know My heart, not only My provision but to know My heart for you and for My people.

I am calling you to a place of intimacy with Me.  Walk close!  Take time daily, come and talk with Me.  In the secret place, I pour out all that you need to know and understand for the day that is at hand. 

It is in the secret place where My heart is revealed to you, in truth.  Come to Me, all who are weary and all who are worn and I will give rest to your souls for you are Mine.  As you come to Me and you abide in Me, and I in you, you shall ask what you will and it shall be done.  I am walking with you, even by your side.  Look neither to the right nor left.  Place all of your precious trust in Me.  

Though the way has become dull and dreary but even as I turn the lights on all darkness will have to flee.  The oil of joy will be your portion in this coming season.  Your time of mourning has been long enough. I have seen your heart’s cry and your very desires. Look for the rain.  This next season I am showering you with, unknown to this point, the blessings of Heaven.  Look for all things to become fresh and new for you.  Rejoice, My dear children!  Look with arms upheld and praise in your hearts and upon your lips, for a new day to begin. 

Come! Behold the Son of God who takes away the sins of the world forevermore!

Amen and Amen

Gail Manizak

February 5, 2013



Those that Have Sought Me

Those that Have Sought Me.

Those that Have Sought Me

Those that Have Sought Me

The Lord says:

You are My precious children who have sought after Me to know Me, not to receive from My hand but to know My heart and to be able to move in the areas I have called you to.  Your lives have been shaken and it has been an bumpy ride.  You have shed many tears as you have sought Me.  I have seen each tear and heard your every prayer.  Continue in My word.  There is the answer to your cry.  There are layers and layers of revelation available, for those who seek Me with all of their hearts.  

To the arrogant and those who have turned their noses up at My loved ones will be put to shame, for,  have I not said, Love one another, do unto others as you would have them do unto you?  And as you have done it to the least of these you have done it unto Me your Lord and Savior.  Oh mighty men humble yourselves in the sight of your God.  You have barely even touched the surface.  Come, ask, seek and knock and then I will answer you.  Harden not your hearts as in the day of provocation for you know not what tomorrow holds. 

The situations that have been troubling to you,  been irritating, caused unrest and caused you to be troubled, submit it all to Me.  I will carry it!  You have sought Me but have not seen any results of your seeking in these particular situations.  This is a year of discovering breakthroughs in many areas of your liives, all things are possible to him who believes.  Rise up, My children, fight the good fight of faith, run the race, endure the pace!  When I call you to study My Word, come and learn of Me.  I am a gentle Savior.  My children, know that I am God and beside Me there is no other. Some have sough this one and another, there is no God beside Me, revelation comes will you receive it?

Many have set back and promote others in their agenda and helped others, and in the end were betrayed, seek Me say the Lord, find My way and My purpsoe says the Lord.  The Harvest is ready and few there are working in the harvest.  This is the time for you to receive saturation, restoration, come and let us reason together, you who have walked afar off return to Me and let us now reason together says the Lord.

Though you have not sought after Me for anything for yourself,  you have alos not osught for others either.  I am ready to open up the portals of heaven over you and allow you to see visions that are yet to come to pass.  This is the time for a purging and cleansing, a time for new growth and to sprout forth.  Deliverance, refreshing, cleanisng, healing, Hearts are being healed today reach out and receive your healing say the Lord. 

Open your arms wide, My child!  Get ready for the next event in your life for it will be an event.  Get ready for 2013.  Do not take it lightly, for much is yet on the horison of your lives.  Prepare! Prepare! Prepare! 

Those who have known you will stand in amazement.  Those that have refused you, have refused Me, neither have they known Me.  But I, the Lord your God, have known you in your midnight hour as you have sought Me with diligence night after night after night and been faithful to a call to pray for a stubborn, perverse  and rebellious generation.  This is your time, My children.  Let joy arise within you once again! 

Amen and Amen
Gail J. Manizak



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