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Moving Rocks, Stones and Debris

Moving Rocks, Stones and Debris

ImageI am calling you, My children, into seasons of blessings.  The way is now being made clear before you. I, the Lord, am moving the rocks, the stones, the debris, and all things that would cause you to stumble.  As you have cried out to Me and asked Me to make your way clear, open your eyes and see and declare, as I have begun to clear the path before you.  I am releasing direction now for My bride.  I am the way the truth and the life, look only to Me says the Lord. Your way will become much clearer now in this upcoming season, as you read, believe and declare My word is truth.  The pathway that has been set before each one “specifically for you”, the way is being cleared for you now.

As you have committed to Me your way, I, the Lord, now move you into the place that I have destined for you.  I have a perfect plan for your life.  As you follow My lead I will lead you in the ways of truth.  Seek after Me with all of your heart.  It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom, even the keys to the Kingdom.  Prepare yourself!  I am about to begin to move you out of the boat of comfort and ease, even of familiarity, that you might know Me better.  When the storm arises, speak to it!  This is taught in My word, I did it and I am asking you to do the same.  I am leading you, now, into a time of seeking out finest jewels, gems and nuggets in My word says the Lord. I am drawing you to My word and there you will find food there you have not yet eaten, the Lord says eat and be filled with My Spirit.  At times the storms will rage but I calm the storms, and have given you power to do the same.  Now it is time for you, My children, to take authority and begin to speak to the storms of your lives and command the blessing of the Father.

Stay pliable in My hands says the Lord.  I will mold and make you into a vessel fit for My use, even as My word says, to be used for My glory.  Rejoice!  The day is at hand.  It is a lovely day of new experiences and new times of refreshing are on the way even now.  Let the waters wash over you like the rocks of a pure mountain stream.  Rain, Rest and Refreshing is for you now.  Your pathway will now lighten and bright as you seek Me daily.  This is your season, will you come?  Are you willing to step out into the unknown with Me, says the Lord.

My children, you are being drawn into a depth that some have not known, but this will become your resting place in the near future.  I, the Lord will feed you the nourishing food from heavens realm, and in all of this we will have fun.  Move into My Word, Holy Spirit is bringing you into a new place of revelation and impartation.  Come and receive says the Lord. Come My children, let us rejoice, sup and journey together as deep calls unto deep.  I invite you by My presence to come and go with Me to a place of growth and depth to know My heart, My thoughts and learn My ways.  Provision is promised you, it is your inheritance.  To know My heart, My thoughts and ways you must ask seek and knock.  Come away and spend time with Me, this is the word of the Lord for all who would receive of My own hand.  Truth!  Seek Him for the Day of the Lord is at hand.

Amen and Amen

Gail Manizak
February 28, 2014

Every Friday Night

ImagePRAYER FOR HEALING AND DELIVERANCE TONIGHT 8 PM, if you know anyone who needs prayer or you have a prayer request we will take them all day today: We take them by phone or by the Website posted here.

Phone TEXT ONLY 916-932-3494.


“The STONE has been rolled AWAY!”

Feb 20, 2014 The Lord has spoken this word to me for the past two Sunday mornings!!!

“The STONE has been rolled AWAY!” 
My purpose and My plan is for My children to enter into the abundant life.  These are the words of life.  You are mine.  As you call out for answers, before you can ask, while barely a thought, yet I have the answer for you.  You are Mine.  Abide in Me and I will abide in you.  Allow Me to inhabit your praises.  Let your voice arise in praise to Me.  Fear not the enemy of your soul for I am with you always and forever.  Though it has been a dark night for many Do Not fear I am with you, My grace is sufficient for you in this hour.  Weapons formed against you will turn around for your good.  Watch and see for in this season much that has been hidden will be revealed, fresh and clear.  Evil will turn around and it will bring Me glory.  You are My children.  By the word of your testimony and the Blood of the Lamb, you have overcome.  Nothing can separate you from Me.  “The STONE has been rolled AWAY!”    Amen and Amen  Gail Manizak

New Wines Skins in this Hour

ImageWho may ascend to the hill of the Lord, and stand in His Holy place.  He who has clean hands and a pure heart, who has not lifted up his heart to vanity, neither foolish talk.  Enter in.  Arise and walk in the calling that I, have called you to walk in.  For you, have been called to the Mountain, a Holy calling, a calling that supersedes any.  Stay humble; though this has been a challenging time of change taking place, though you have been pressed on every side.  Think it not strange concerning the heat of the battle, but rejoice for great is your reward in heaven.  You have been called to Holiness, chosen says the Lord.  Three of My disciples ascended the hill of the Lord, three invited to climb up with Me.  The climb was not easy, the steps were difficult, the cost was life, steep was the climb, unique for each one.  The fear, the glory did not compare to anything they had seen and even in the midst they did not understand, but they were chosen.  I have called you to climb a mountain, and I have not said it would be easy, My grace is sufficient for you today and always.

If you had not faced the giants in your life, would you grow?  Would faith arise?  The servant is not greater than his Master.  I have called you to walk by faith, this is your walk of faith.  You have been stretched, and you have been pulled in diverse directions, being prepared for the New Wine skins of this hour.  My word to you is to walk in the Spirit and you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh for every man is tempted when he is drawn away of his own lust. 

When lust has conceived, it brings sin, and sin, when it is finished, bring forth death.  Walk in the ways I have taught you to walk.  Come, for I am calling a people who will not compromise their faith, who will not condone sin, who will not be swayed by every wind of doctrine, standing strong in the power of My might.  I am calling forth a glorious army, who will stand in faith through the good times and the bad.  A glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but one that is holy and without blemish, who has not lifted himself up to that which is false, nor sworn deceitfully.  Arise! Shout!  Amen and Amen

Gail Manizak
February 18, 2014

The Children of God are Dancing Again…

ImageA World Who Has Chosen Their Way

Those of the world have chosen their way, such non-sense, such games, they dress in clothes like clowns so many on stages and platforms, they looks good and colorful, but it is a playground for the haughty, the lustful, the greedy and the unloving.  They wear their hats, they wear their costumes, put on their faces and go about telling the world they know Me, and they do not.  In secret I see all that pertains to life and godliness.  I will bring them low that they may know My name once again. [ A man’s pride shall bring him low,…. As the pride of Adam, in affecting to be as gods, knowing good and evil; he lost the image of God; was brought into a state of darkness and ignorance, into debt and to a dunghill, to beggary and rags; filled with loathsome diseases, and left in bondage to sin and Satan; and so all his posterity were brought into the same low estate.] 

 But You Who Have Known Me

You know Me, you have spent time with Me, you have sought Me in the day and in the night seasons of life, you have obeyed My voice when I spoke and you have loved Me more than life itself.  You have pressed in for the High Call of God, nothing wavering in you.  You know Me because you spend time in My presence, you know Me and the world around you is jealous and in a pitiful state.  You are rising to the highest heights and you will walk on clouds, for the day is now when you walk above this earthly realm of the darkness of this hour and the filth of this world, for within you  resides My Sprit says the Lord.  My own will not dwell in the cesspools of sin and every portion of ungodliness known to man.  I come to you and you receive Me for you know Me and I know you.

 This world cannot hold you down, the ways of the world are not your portion, I have more for you.  I will lead you in the paths that I have chosen, never fear them, step out in faith.  I will not leave you doubting nor will you reside in condemnation, for whom the Son has set free is free in deed. 


Spring is In the Air
Rejoice, rejoice, spring is in the air, the sound of the breeze, the brook and the birds are singing once again, rejoice for there is much on this horizon, for this season. Prepare yourselves for the future, as you have prayed and desired the desires of your heart are coming forth now, even as you read this word much has and is being released, a flow, a flow for you to grow   You will dance again.   [You Will Never Stumble, 2 Peter 1:3-12]


by Gail Manizak
Feb 2014

Strategies form Heaven Confuse your Enemy’s

Strategies form Heaven Confuse your Enemy’s

ImageIn this is a time of transition, even seemingly chaos.  It has not been understandable to many of you as yet and has become even painful for you.  Keep your eyes fixed on Me for I am the provider, I am the great physician in every area of your life.  You have been strong and this has not put you in a pit of despair, but your troubled heart needs healing.  It hurts over and over again as an arrow wound to the heart, the soul and even the spirit.  Look to the Word.  It is your SWORD and the Word of God will slay the Goliath as you use it to totally, once and for all, wipe him out!  The Word, the Word, and the Word.  Pick up your sword and Use it.

This weapon formed against you, it was not deserved.  Vengeance is Mine and I will repay.  There is a way that the Lord is leading many, seemingly does not look to many like the way of the Lord.  The onslaught has attempted to derail you but has not been able to for God’s grace has been sufficient.  Do not continue to be distracted by circumstances, for all that you thought was evil is positioning you for greatness.  Keep your focus.

Go on your way, always going forward, never, taking steps backwards, always following My lead, the strategies from Heaven are yet to released.  Strategies that will confuse your enemies and surely your enemies will be scattered from the north to the south and from the east to the west. Trust, trust and obey.  Many are they that would attempt to distract you but I have paved the way before you.  I am making your pathway clear.  As My word says, I am establishing your every step, trust Me. 

I am bringing you into a wide place and saying, “come this way, this is the door”.  I have called you kings and priests, walk in your priestly anointing.  Your hearts hunger for more, I have much more to pour out upon you and to impart within you in this season.  You thought you were in a time of overflow but overflow is just beginning.

It will be swift for I am moving you into a realm of the Spirit that you have not known before.  Now as your heart yearns after that which I have shown you a little of, I bring you into much deeper waters.  The desire within your heart has been pure and ever reaching forth for more.  As you have laid your life down and said, “Lord, your will be done”.  This is the time and the hour, I have chosen to bring you into this place.  Everything new!  New manna, new wine.  Be filled with My Spirit!  Precious ones, go and do what I have called you to do.

Gail Manizak
February 8, 2014


ImageYou, My children, called by My name, are encouraged today.  There are many paths in this world to take, yet there is only one that will lead you to Me. I have called you, each one, by name, come beloved and go with Me.   Have you sought Me with all of your hearts, have you sought out My plans for you?  They are much greater than your own, says the Lord.  I have established your way before the beginning of time, an excellent way I have chosen.  

If Abraham had not believed God for the impossible, where would we be today?  How about Moses, had he not, by faith, built the Ark, what faith would we have today… for this is needed?  And Daniel, his prayers not being answered for 21 days, is he not an example for us today?   If David had not met Goliath, killed him along the way, you would have never known his name.  If Peter had not been forgiven, as I, the Lord, personally called him, would you have faith to believe if you had denied Me as he did?  How about Paul so many perilous times; I was there for his rescue, never once having left him alone.  So many more instances of faith in My word, could be brought as a reminder today.  Remember this;  I am leading the way and I am teaching you yet today, I question that many are deaf and cannot hear.  Lay down your weights and sins and all that so easily besets you, and “HEAR AGAIN”.  Put on courage and know that we are running this race together, through the rain and the sun, lightening or hail; we face it all as One.  When the burden gets heavy learn to let it go, taking one day at a time, and trust, learn from these others that I, have set apart.

Trust that I have the better plan and My strategy will set you free so, walk with Me.  My yoke is easy and My burden is light.  I have called you to come up higher, did you hear?  Revealing greater revelation to you in the night seasons and the day too, this is the moment to receive what I impart, SEIZE  this moment, do not DELAY any longer, nor DEPART.   Come away My beloved, follow after truth and; HEAR ME, do not accept the accusations, “all of the untruth that is in the air”.   Line upon line, precept upon precept, truth will align with My Holy word.

The mockers, the prideful, the liars, all of them will fall, justice has spoken, can  YOU hear at all?  As I lift the veil many will wish to repent, for the time is short and the day far spent.  There are many ways to go but only ONE WAY is right.  I, the Lord, have called you to Holiness, this alone is right.  The way of the cross, one way, each of you will bear your cross; daily GRACE will be given to you for the moment you are in. Even as My word says, any that would try another way, are as thieves and robbers and surely they will not be allowed in, they will be found by their CLOTHING, not having on the Wedding Garment when they enter in?

The accuser says “oh go ahead and do it, God will surely forgive”, though the price of sin is great upon your soul, for some it will be torment, destruction, for others even death.  As those who opened the door to sin, they found that, this door being opened,  began a great EVIL FIGHT within.

Recognize his voice, it is the voice of the stranger, lying, lying and lying once again.  So do not so quickly believe the lie, but try the spirits.  If not, your days will become a bitter end, much grief will follow.  I have given you Grace, even as Paul said, “My Grace is sufficient for you”, accept Grace to know and not to sin, submitting to Me all temptation, yea even everything within. Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand;  Children close the door to sin.  

Many in My house and they are at play, not about to repent!  They have chosen to believe the Master is AWAY, they play, they sin, do deeds that are  wicked and they DO NOT repent.  I, the Lord, know motives, intents of the heart, the hidden deeds many have done, and I, the Lord says, REPENT!   Even today, I say get out of My pulpits quite teaching My people, you who live in blatant sin.  Repent, you False Shepherds, even false sheep.  You who take the widows mite, who lie and cheat and do not, do right.  You justify your dirty deeds; I call you to step down, out of My sight.  Repent in dust and ashes; REPENT, get your own life right.  Judgment has begun at the house of God; do you not know this?  I, the Lord, have warned you, I have corrected and you turned a DEAF EAR  to My correction, and you CONTINUE  to call Me Father?

Don’t you know the earth is shaking, do you feel My House of Prayer, built upon the Rock, it  is shaking,  yes and the Lord says I will shake everything that can be shaken, surely these are not hollow words but another great warning to a rebellious people.  A call to repentance is still going forth; SIEZE YOUR MOMENT lest  it passes you by.

For many of you know you must not continue to follow the path you have chosen, yet you say; ” another day I will repent”.   Many before this year ends will publically repent for the harm done unto My church, even for the hurt done to individuals, lest you stay in your way and the MASTER returns and finds there has been nothing that has changed. ” REPENT FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS AT HAND.” amen and amen

by Gail Manizak


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