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Spiritual . . . Sinkholes ~

Spiritual . . . Sinkholes ~. good word Deborah Ann Belka



Kingdom Reign      Is there any that are weary and burdened down?  Let Me give you rest.  I am here.  Blessed children of LIGHT, I know all things.  I see your tears and I know your every thought, your every temptation, your every trial; every test and every furnace you have endured, past, present and future…… I am with always, even unto the end.  [Matt 28:20]

I have seen the pathway you have forged your way through, difficulties, and troubles along the way.  It has been a winding path and a crooked road at times, a pathway of thorns and thistles.  The Lord says children, look up for your redemption draws near.  [Luke 21:28].
Breakthrough and Change are right at your front door, be refreshed in knowing you are in Me and I in You.  As My Spirit leads you into the FALL of your life, know this;  “YOU ARE FALLING FORWARD, bounding FORWARD, being propelled FORWARD” says the Lord.   I am standing you on your feet, I am giving you your balance, My grace has been sufficient, and even now is sufficient  for you.

Those souls you have prayed for, while tears were falling to the ground, I saw that; those whom YOU have wept over are in My hands, believe this.  Rejoice in the time and the season you are in whether abounding or abased, REJOICE!  In trials and tribulation REJOICE!  [I Peter 1:6]

I have given you eyes to see far into the future.  To see and know the future, to discern the times and seasons you are in.  You see by faith.

This is the year of “KINGDOM RAIN” coming upon the earth and the ground will be wet.  Fruit and crops will grow, finances for you will increase as they pour out of their first fruits.  You are My sparrows, you need not ask or beg, provision is yours daily.   My land will flourish, yet the land of the wicked will fail.  [Kingdom Reign]

In this “KINGDOM RAIN” season I will open doors for you to speak of the Glory of God, I will give you ears that will hear and eyes that will see My favor that is upon the earth.  Some will balk and mock, and even squawk;   but most will humbly come to the waters of LIFE, and DRINK of the FRUIT OF THE VINE FREELY, quenching the thirst of the heart, mind and soul.  Spiritual Wine is flowing, let it flow.

My people have been blind to the harvest they are walking in.  I say to you, “The Lord of the Harvest will show the Harvest to those who have called out to Him to see the Salvation of souls”.  You will be leaping over WINTER and translated into SPRING where there is laughter and singing, and joyful sounds once again, newness of life and many NEW BIRTHS…..Prepare to receive New Babes in swaddling clothes, the time is very near.

[Amos 9:13  Behold, the days come, saith the Lord, that the plowman shall overtake the reaper, and the treader of grapes him that soweth seed; and the mountains shall drop sweet wine, and all the hills shall melt.]

Know that I, the Lord, have spoken this.  I will also perform it.  It will surely come to pass.  You will no longer dread the days ahead. There will be a “dancing spirit” that will rest upon you.  As you rise in the faith you will dance before Me like David danced.  Rejoicing comes with the dance.   There will be many that will want what you have.  The love and joy that they see will draw them to Me.  I will refresh and bring My children into dancing once again.

I am with you always.  There is much you do not understand but in due season, you will reap if you faint not..  Know that you are precious in My sight and My love is from everlasting to everlasting.

Amen and Amen
Gail Manizak
October 26, 2014

Graduation Time for Many….Be Encouraged



Preprare for Revival

Prepare for Revival by Linda Patterson_Oct 23_2014  SHARING

prepare for Revival


Personal Word for Someone…….Do not buy the lie!!!!!

This is not usual for me to post this but I am going to….

advocate  As I posted this last word “Rest in the Beloved”…I had a strong sense that someone had slipped and fell, spiritually you have sinned, and you think God will not forgive you….IT IS A LIE.

We have an advocate with  the Father …IF ANY MAN SIN…the Lord Jesus Christ has went before you and your sins are covered.   The BLOOD is on the Door Post of your heart.  No one is perfect and many have made mistakes and many have sinned…the devil would lie and tell you that your sin is too big for God to forgive and you will be forever lost…that is what the enemy would like you to believe.

The scripture being used against you is Hebrews where it speaks of the Blood of the Son of God being trampled Underfoot….the enemy has twisted that scripture and caused you to believe a lie.

The  belief of that lie has cause torment, even to the point of not wanting to live.  Jesus is your deliverer and Holy Spirit will fight this battle, look up and believe God.  You do not have to name your name or say anything in regard to this post just look to Jesus.

Father I declare the power of the enemy is broken in this area for this person who has come under attack, I declare that all powers of darkness must flee and the Holy Spirit will protect and bring this one through to freedom in you Lord Jesus, than you Father for hearing and answering our prayers and for giving us authority over the demons of hell in Jesus most precious name I declare and decree this person be set free, amen and amen!

Gail Manizak
October 20, 2014




REST INT HE BELOVED       My children, I have been with you in your quiet times.  I have listened intently to you and have heard your petitions, the very moment you asked,  the answer was set in motion and on the way.  Do not doubt but only believe.  Your silent tears I, the Lord have seen.  Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.  Now would be the time I would say to you, allow Me to answer these prayers, do not grieve Me, and do not hinder the answers to come.  Did I not say I would give you the desires of your heart?  I see that the desires of  your heart for others.  I have given you many to pray for and to watch over, you have taken many under your wing, you have prayed the prayer for faith.  You have done well.  All that you have given away will be returned to you, for it has been of eternal value.  In your heart of hearts you are pure and without guile, and the Lord says Move forward, do not fear, do not accept condemnation, but hold your heard high and know that you are a child of the Most High, highly favored and cherished by Me.

Now is the time for you to believe, to have faith in My promises, to know that those that you pray for are the very ones I have put on your heart to pray for, and eternal purposes are born through your prayers for these I have given to you.  Now is the time to let go, lay what was meant as a blessing down and do not allow it to become a burden of  weight upon you.  These are the sheep of My pastures and I will bring them in by the way they should go. I have called you and I have drawn you closer every day.  Our agreement is according to My word and according to My purpose.  You are called precious, My children who hear and obey My voice, in My sight I delight in you all.  I will restore your fortunes,  as streams renew in the desert.  Those of you who have planted  in tears will harvest with shouts of joy.  You may weep as you go to plant your seed, but you will sing as you return with the harvest that i9s at hand.

I have spoken to you in the mid-night hour.  You have wondered what does this mean and what does that mean?   Wonder not at the meaning.  I am drawing you close to Me.  Lay your burdens down.  Do not weep over these children any longer.  They are mine.  They are Mine.  It is My desire to comfort you now.  You are My children, not called to bear burdens, let it go and press on.  I, desire the best for you.  Learn to rest in Me and enjoy the days I give you upon this earth.  I never said in My word that you would not have tribulation in this world.  I said, you would have tribulation, but be of good cheer for I, the Lord, have OVERCOME THE WORLD.  Rejoice!  I am YOUR burden bearer.

Know that I have seen the times your heart reaches up with tears on the inside when no one else can see them but Me.  I see you, I know you and I hear your every cry.  I will speak to you in the night hours as you look to Me and listen.  I have good things to speak to you and to show you.

Gail Manizak
October 20, 2014


Expect Significant Change To Begin Now!” — SHARING REVELATION, ALL HEARTS AT EASE TRUSTING, I pray

!change is hereThere are a few real and significant remnant transition changes beginning to happen now that may affect your life very soon that I wanted to touch on. We are all transitioning together right now from out of our Wilderness training time, and into our Promised Land harvest time; so things have been less than stable or predictable lately. And as you may have noticed, there will be no going back to business as usual again; or anything as usual again. We have now truly entered God’s new frontier.
Below are just a few signs and changes to look for and be ready to respond to as they transpire.
1. The place you have been has lost its grace and you feel out of place and unsure of what to do or where to go next. This sense of disorientation and possible confusion often takes place just before God moves you to a new place with fresh direction and fresh grace. So try not to freak-out or think that God has abandoned you, because He hasn’t. Soon, He will clearly show you what to do next.
2. Holiness, obedience, and purity are a must now; and there is no more room for sin and the world in your life. Many of us have learned to meet our pain and fear relief needs though the things of this world and unfortunately sin as well; but God is not only rapidly weaning us off of these things but He is requiring us to not go back to them again no matter what. We must be stay clean to go forward.
3. God has been allowing unbeatable tormentors and unfixable situations to arise in order to drive us away from the old, and pull us toward the new. He is also using these annoyances to fix and heal old childhood roots of fear that have kept us bound. It may be tempting during this time to think that God doesn’t care because you will suffer without apparent remedy, but deliverance will come soon.
4. Expect tangible acts of restoration and healing to begin happening soon. God may accomplish this in ways you did not expect, so do not fear as more extreme things begin to happen in order to turn things around. Don’t resist these more abrupt changes, and do not seek to return to your more comfortable and predictable state. Just stay in step with God’s leading and cooperate as He moves.
5. The Lord is calling us to come away from everything and just seek Him right now through prayer, worship, meditation, and reading His word. You may feel like you’ve reached a dead-end and that God is not speaking, but He will show up if you will. If we respond, seek Him, and remain clean, His presence and voice will continue to become stronger. Also, expect angels to manifest in your home.
So be encouraged today and do not be discouraged if you don’t feel a strong level of God’s virtue or presence flowing though your life right now. Many of us are very dry and still dealing with a few old sin- habits; but all of this is meant to drive us away from the world and into the Kingdom fully. There is nothing to go back to but sin and error, so let go of all that defiles and distracts and open up all of your time for God alone. It’s time for us to remain clean and close to Him, and be ready for harvest!
DT 5:32 So be careful to do what the LORD your God has commanded you; do not turn aside to the right or to the left. 33 Walk in all the way that the LORD your God has commanded you, so that you may live and prosper and prolong your days in the land that you will possess.
Lonnie Mackley
Oct. 7th, 2014

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