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Anyone have dreams you cannot figure out what God is saying? Here is a little help for you.

ANYONE HAVE DREAMS YOU CANNOT FIGURE OUT AND NEED A LITTLE HELP or even INPUT to decipher what God is saying to you…
I am sharing this link because it is a Christian Based Ministry, many of the Dream Sites now days are NOT:::: please check this site out .. if you had a Dream and you cannot figure it out request a little help…
Highly Recommended by The Power and Presence Ministry

Prophetic Insight, August 31, 2015

IntercessoryPrayerMinistryLGThere have been afflictions and troubles along the way.  The word clearly tells us that will be.  At times you have felt V, and at times just over whelmed. I am never out of control.  I, the Lord your God, hold you in the palm of My hand.  I am calling you forth into a greater anointing, press in.  I have imparted to you new strength and you will soon understand many things that to this point you have not understood.  Rest and relax!  As you come to Me and rest in My arms, rest and trust in My word.  There is nothing that cannot be done.  I am calling forth a prepared people, a mountain-moving people.  They will move mountains by the words that they speak, not fearing the darkest hour nor trembling at the tempter’s power.  Rest and rejoice  always.

The Power an Presence Ministry
Gail Manizak

Hey, Is God Talking to Someone Today? Could it Be You? LOVE is calling!

IntercessoryPrayerMinistryLGI am re-digging the wells of refreshing in your life.  You have been standing afar off and now you hear, this is the time now to draw near.   As a very small child you were Mine.  At that time you ran like Jonah ran.  You followed your own way.  Like the Prodigal, you took your inheritance and ran away and lived in the world, according to the ways of the world, doing the things of the world.  As you have chosen to come in closer, you must RELEASE old religious thoughts, beliefs and training that was not of Me, these things have stood in the way of KNOWING Me.  Open your heart to My word,  throwing every hindrance aside, letting all of your preconceived Ideas go, come boldly to the throne of Grace and ask of Me water and refreshing, joy and peace for this is YOUR inheritance.  I will give you LIVING water and you will never thirst again.  I have waited for this day, to see you turn and remember Me.  You are My child and the world cannot have you.  Reach out and touch Me.  Allow your thoughts and your prayers to arise as  sweet incense to Me.  I adore you, you are My own.  All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God.

My child, wait upon Me.  Receive My word and focus on the teachings I am releasing as you seek My word in truth.   It is not by accident that you have read this word at this time….The time of change is upon you and I am now changing your direction.  That which is Eternal is and has been birthed in you since and even while  in your Mothers womb you were ordained and called of Me.  And even now you are still going through a process of birthing.  Be patient!  As My word says, “now you know in part”. In the future you will know the fullness of the times you are in right now.

Depression, discouragement and all that is darkness will go, for when that which is LIGHT comes darkness must flee.

1 Cor 13:9 For we know in part and we prophesy in part;  but when the perfect comes, the partial will be done away. When I was a child, I used to speak like a child, think like a child, reason like a child; when I became a man, I did away with childish things..…

The Power and Presence Ministry
Gail Manizak

Prophetic Insight, August 22, 2015

IntercessoryPrayerMinistryLG  My children arise, as I, the Lord your God, am your strength, your shield, your buckler and your mighty tower.  Your path was at one time filled with darkness.  The flames kindled upon you.  There was hurt that did not cease, things surrounding your life to destroy you.  Early on life’s journey you chose the path of hardship.  You were blinded by the enemy.  Even before you called out to Me, I knew you.  I saw the hurt and the path of agony you would go through by wrong choices.  Many scars are left, unhealed wounds from the fires of the past but, the moment you came to Me, the healing began.  When you first lifted your voice to Me, I heard your cry.  I came to you for it was not a time to die.  I rescued you out of many waters, fiery trials, tribulations and many dark places.  I have nurtured, strengthened and brought you forth into the Gift of Eternal Life.  I say to you this day, “Hold tightly to My hand and walk with Me.  Do not cease from looking to Me for your help daily.  Call upon Me and I will answer you.”

The Power and Presence Ministry
Gail Manizak
August 22, 2015

This is a Gospel of Courage….No More fear

courageThe battle has been long, a fight of faith.  Healing comes as you seek Me, as you put faith into action, speak My word.  Declare, Decree, and Prophesy My word.  Do not listen to the lies of the enemy.   He has lied and lied and lied.  Get into My word and focus on the Truth, (not the words of a book), there is Authority in the Word.   There is freedom.  There is revelation, as you have sought me know this one thing, I HAVE HEARD, and I WILL ANSWER, trust Me!  You have sought after Me and, at times you stumbled, and you got back up and began to walk forward on the pathway again.  I have given you the perseverance.  Stand strong in Me!  Go forward in Me from this day forth knowing I am walking with you.  I am giving you direction and encouragement.  It is a forward walk into the Glory.  The enemy seeks to have his way in the lives of My children but I, the Lord thy God, will continually raise up a standard against him, he is already a fallen foe!

Do not fear the enemy.  He has no power.  He may roar loud but shut out the sound with My words.  This is your weapon, the weapon I have given you.  I am about to undo all that the enemy has done.  Undo your thinking pattern!  Let me give you new strategies and thoughts.  You will begin to open doors and allow you to testify to many who have not understood My ways.  There are some you will help.  Others will not believe you.  I am bringing to you those in need, I will bring them.  They are My own, dying for lack of knowledge of the truth.   Arise and begin to release Kingdom Light everywhere you go.  I am with you.  You will sense the anointing, you know the Glory, there is a release yet;  follow Me.

Do not fear what the enemy can do to you.  He is a defeated foe.  You must always see him as defeated.  His defeat came many years ago.   Read the Word and allow the Holy Spirit to show you truth.  This is a Gospel of courage, do not fear.  God loves you and He is with you.   I have not given you the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind.  Seek Me in all that you do!  Seek Me in the morning, in the noon and in the night hour.  Glorify Me in all that you do!  No more fear, do not let it near!  Trust, rest and all of this is done in Me!

The Power and Presence Ministry
Gail Manizak

Chosen Generation, Royal Priesthood

CHOSEN 8  Lift up your hands which hang down, oh My children.  You are a chosen.  The chosen; of a “generation” of Generals.  Even as you have seen,  I am rearranging your walk and in you are becoming energized  You will walk, as I have called you to walk.  You will walk, where I have called you to walk,  there will be NONE that will be able to harm you.  Those that have stolen from you will steal no longer, your joy will rise above the tests and trials of life, your face will outshine the sun.  As I lighten your path. For, behold, I have appointed you The LIGHT, it is yours and you will shine.

Sword 8  The journey has been filled with difficulties, pressed on every side but not forsaken, challenging situations weighed heavily upon you.  The enemy has come against you to no avail.  You will know greater strength will be yours, great changes are taking place.  Be prepared.  Greater things are yet to come, do not let down your guard nor even lay your SWORD aside for a moment.  Put all your own thoughts aside, let Me move among My people, let Me lead a people out of bondage.  Let go of those things that have hindered you and those people that have hindered your walk.  Even those who have misled you, even those you followed whom I did not give instruction for you to follow.  LISTEN!  ” A good person produces good things from the treasury of a good heart, and an evil person produces evil things from the treasury of an evil heart.  Follow Me! Even as I bring to you new strategies, new thoughts, new ideas, be receptive to Me says the Lord.  Do not put restraints on the Lord of Hosts, do not tie My hands with your own ideas and thoughts, a king searches out a matter, yes even before judging it.  I have not called you to make judgment but to follow after Me, to follow My word.  This will bring about new growth, refreshing to your soul.  As refreshing comes to you, My own, you will become that “well of living water”, to give all and they will never thirst again.

Angels form of men   Do not look at your circumstances.  Do not concern yourself for I tell you a secret.  Look!  When you see a man that you think I have sent, bring this to Me in prayer.   Ask of Me, For even now,  I am sending angels before you to protect you on your journey and lead you safely to the place I have prepared for you.

Refreshing 8   Your strength will be found in Me.  You will become stronger in body, and soul and fresher in your spirit as you seek Me with all of your heart and mind and soul.  Along with this refreshing is coming a greater thirst for My word and the things of the Spirit.  You will ponder My word and believe when others will not.  You will not give up.  You will not doubt and say, “Maybe He is not going to do exactly what He said”.  You will proclaim the word of the Lord with authority and power.  Within your spirit you know My word is truth.  You will say this always, “My God can do anything, there is nothing impossible for Him”.  Watch and see for atmospheres are changing in places throughout the world.  Watch!  I am coming soon.  Be sure your lamps are filled with oil, burn brightly in this darkness.  Shine!

Weariness 8   You must warn My people.  Pray for My people.  There are many who are weary, many who are over worked.  Pray for them, encourage and do all you can do to lighten a load of a brother and sister, that which  is in your hand to do, do it!  Many are in the midst of weakness, weariness .release refreshing, release the Glory upon these in times of prayer.  Your own strength will begin to return like the young lion, as you strengthen the brethren.  The fullness of all things is in Me, your Lord and Savior.  Take that sigh of relief, breath in the Heavenly atmosphere and release it into this world.  I am releasing the captives, setting them free, bringing about new blessings and refreshing.  Work with Me.  Walk with Me.  Do not resist change.  My children, in you I am well pleased.  Many hearts have been heavy but as this season comes to an end and the light shines again, lightness of spirit will come also, Rejoice.

The Power and Presence Ministry
Gail Manizak

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Prophetic Insight, August 19, 2015

IntercessoryPrayerMinistryLGRejoice!  This is the time that all things change.  This is the hour that I will come and refresh you with great joy and fill your life.  As you go you will sing My praises from the rooftops and you will now begin to tell what great things I, the Lord, have done.   You will sing and rejoice.  People will want to know what has happened to you.  The Light is shining again.  The summer season is here.  Many will inquire and even ask you why they are so drawn to you as you speak of Me.  They will see My glory for you are a light to the world since My anointing has fallen upon you.  Many have watched your life change before their very eyes and they have watched in unbelief.  Oh, so many, are in need of freedom, My children.  I send you to the lost and dying world to set the captives free by the words that I give you to speak.  Great will be the work of your hands and you will see a powerful demonstration of My Spirit upon the people that you minister to as you just simply share your life and share what is on your heart.  It is a simple Gospel but some have made it hard.
The Power and Presence Ministry
Gail Manizak, Blessings to everyone.

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