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Prophetic Insight, August 26, 2015

IntercessoryPrayerMinistryLG   You have pleased Me and stayed humble before Me.  You are one whom I have called in this generation to be a “Light Bearer” and to preach My Word with power and demonstration of the Holy Ghost. You have laid down your life and poured out yourself as a drink offering to Me.  I have seen the unselfishness within you and your heart to give and to be all that I have called you to be.  Know and understand My great love for you.  Many have been called but few are chosen.  You are chosen because you have chosen that which is good.  You have chosen the eternal rather than the temporal.  You have called evil, evil and good, good.  You have seen this world with My eyes.  I have trusted you with little and you have been faithful.  The day is coming when I will trust you with much and you will be faithful.

The Power and Presence Ministry
Gil Manizak

Prophetic Insight, August 22, 2015

IntercessoryPrayerMinistryLG  My children arise, as I, the Lord your God, am your strength, your shield, your buckler and your mighty tower.  Your path was at one time filled with darkness.  The flames kindled upon you.  There was hurt that did not cease, things surrounding your life to destroy you.  Early on life’s journey you chose the path of hardship.  You were blinded by the enemy.  Even before you called out to Me, I knew you.  I saw the hurt and the path of agony you would go through by wrong choices.  Many scars are left, unhealed wounds from the fires of the past but, the moment you came to Me, the healing began.  When you first lifted your voice to Me, I heard your cry.  I came to you for it was not a time to die.  I rescued you out of many waters, fiery trials, tribulations and many dark places.  I have nurtured, strengthened and brought you forth into the Gift of Eternal Life.  I say to you this day, “Hold tightly to My hand and walk with Me.  Do not cease from looking to Me for your help daily.  Call upon Me and I will answer you.”

The Power and Presence Ministry
Gail Manizak
August 22, 2015

Prophetic Insight, August 18, 2015

IntercessoryPrayerMinistryLGI have sought for a man who would say, “Yes, Lord” and would be willing to follow Me and to speak My word in truth.  I have found one in you.  This past season has been a winter season and seemed unbearable at times.  You are Mine and I am Yours.  There is no place you will go that I am not there.  Your times and days are in My hands and those around you have not understood but I, the Lord, have understood your coming in and your going out.  Though this past season has been cold, lonely and dark, through it all I have led the way.
The Power and Presence Ministry
Gail Manizak

There will be No SILENCE of the LAMBS>>>> August 1, 2015

IntercessoryPrayerMinistryLG   I have given to you a voice that will not be silenced but will grow stronger and stronger as you seek Me, as you read the word and seek to know My heart. You have been through times of wilderness and even felt the stagnation of being dry and thirsty. No fresh water has been available. I am waking you up to the reality of who I am and giving you a heart to persevere through the darkest valleys. Nothing will by any means hurt you. I am your protection and even the giver of your life. You have been ordained of God, called to serve. I am proud of you and have much to share with you in things you have not yet experienced. You are moving from Glory to Glory. Get more excited and allow your “First Love” to come back to the fullness of its place in your life. Share! Share My love……. Rejoice, My child! There is yet much in store for you. Reach out and touch the hem of My garment. Receive My impartation of fresh revelation.

The Power and Presence Ministry
Gail Manizak
August 1, 2015

Prophetic Insight, July 29, 2015


July 29, 2015

I am raising you up to stand on higher ground, to greater understanding. I have called you to be a light bearer, one who will carry the light of God. The past couple of years have not been easy. Better days are ahead for you. There is new strength coming and new vision which brings much hope to the heart. Many days you were depressed, discouraged and afflicted, many thoughts in regard to “what is My life” and “what does God want me to do”!   I have great plans for your life, a destiny pre-ordained for you from before the foundations of the world. The battle came when My anointing was released upon you. Before you had an anointing there was NO battle! There is a releasing of greater revelation for you. Church is going to become a place you really, really enjoy in a greater way than ever before. This will not be church as usual. But this will be a LIVING CHURCH like a LIVING WORD. Get ready for change, do not be conformed to pre-conceived ideas, I am removing those, I am showing you the way as you ask, seek, and knock. I AM ALIVE!

The Power and Presence Ministry​
Gail Manizak, blessings friends, Jesus is alive and WELL, Rejoice!!

Prophetic Insight, July 27, 2015

IntercessoryPrayerMinistryLG   Rejoice! Do not fear! I hold you in the palm of My hand. All that is behind is surely behind you. Let it go and come into My Holy Place. Come and talk with Me. Pour out to Me your ideas and thoughts. As your heart desires, I will fulfill. Desire things of eternal value. Do not go after that which is not of eternal value. Do not delay to come. I have spoken quietly to you and you have been meek and mild. I am bringing you into a new season of strength and of boldness. My anointing is placed on your life. You will speak My word with the boldness of a Lion. Prepare yourself for I am about to take you, My children, into your greatest season. Your total breakthrough is found only in Me. Rejoice! Place all complaining and murmuring away from you. It has no place in you.

The Power and Presence Ministry​
Blessings Gail Manizak​


Strongest SOLDIERS     To You Mighty Warriors in the Faith.  There have been times when you have stood up when no one else would stand and you have spoken truth when no one else would speak truth and You have pleased Me.   YOU ARE THOSE WHO HAVE SOUGHT ME IN THE DAY AND NIGHT SEASONS OF YOUR LIFE AND YOU ARE GOING FULL STRENGTH AHEAD, FOLLOWING MY LEAD MOMENT BY MOMENT.  There have been troubles and trials but the Lord has placed “Grace, which is sufficient” upon your life.  It has always been there for you, through every hardship and every fiery trial.  There has been seasons upon seasons of troubles yet the strength you have is sufficient for the day.

The days ahead of you, I am raising you up, I am enlarging your borders, I can do this, not man.  Since you are called to walk in the light, walk in the light as good soldiers of the Cross.


Your season has not looked light and bright yet the time is coming when the seasons are changing.  Many of You do not see yourself doing much for the Kingdom, seemingly at a standstill for this moment, but do not despair,  I have only called you to obey.

Do not fret yourself over evil and evil doers.  I am building in you perseverance and strength that will overcome EVERY obstacle.  Certainly you are called and are a Warriors in the Faith.



They will obey because you have learned My ways and stepped out into the ARENA OF FAITH and WALKED ON THE WATER by faith.

I will give you rest.  For this season, some rest is required.   Look up and rely upon Me!   In the times that you have placed your eyes on man, you have LOST your focus.

‘Look to the hills from where your help comes’. I will never leave you comfortless or weary or worn.


You are mine and I am working in you to will and to do of My good pleasure.  Praise, sing, laugh, because your enemies are being scattered!  Lay aside every weight and sin which so easily besets you!   Rise to the occasion.  Walk by faith for I have called you to walk by faith and not by sight.



Gail  Manizak
The Power and Presence Ministry


(Sharing: Personal Word, yet CORPORATE also)


[He said the sweetness the fragrance within you (Debbie H.)  is the very fragrance of the Savior, this fragrance is being birthed in the Body of Christ now, you are a fore runner!!!]

it is a new fragrance, the Body is not recognizing this yet, but it is the fragrance of Christ.  The Body has been pampered and  bottle-fed a simplified gospel, therefore we are a weak and a sickly bunch of Sheep, God is cleaning us up and we will BE the Sheep of His pastures after He is done!  So far we have been the Sheep of our own Pastures and the Sheep have not been fed, they have not been loved and they have not been nourished.  There have been no mentors, there have been no nourishers, they have faced use and abuse, yet they have endured, as I have grace for the troubles they have been in.

God says, I am on the scene and I am doing a new thing, yes a new thing, you have  not seen this as yet, you have not smelled this for it has not been as yet.  You have not seen this at any time in the history of the World;  for what is coming is far beyond anyone’s imagination or thinking, no one can perceive this as it has not yet been.  Yes there is a new day, a new way.  Church is being turned upside down and inside out, the church, My Bride, she will arise and she will show up,  on the Scene right on time. we are  going to do a slow dance around the world, during that dance I will call a people who are not people to be the people of God.  Yes and those who are not My loved ones will become My loved ones says the Lord.

Amen and Amen

Gail Manizak
March 17, 2015




FLINT  My children, will you follow Me or will you follow them?  I have called you out from among them to be separate.  I am calling you to a place of intimacy, a place where I will speak to you.  Many of you have served Me as My child but you have not always been a FOLLOWER.  Many times you were trying to lead.  I am bringing you to a halt for a moment, a brief moment to speak with you.  This is a time that I would choose for you to look directly to Me.  Don’t lean on man in any way.  Fix your eyes upon Me and be steadfast.  Set your face like a flint for I, the Lord, have called you and I will direct your path.  Time has passed and you have continued to listen to man but now is the time to turn your eyes wholly to Me.  There is a way that I am leading you, the pathway of REFORMATION.  Not to conform to this present world any longer.  You will be a reformer.  I will bring reformation to My people, bringing them back to Me through those of you that are following Me.  Many have followed after Baal and many there have been that have not chosen My ways.  COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM AND BE YE SEPARATE.  I have called you to lead a people out of bondage, how can you lead unless you are reformed yourself.

BLIND   In the night season I have heard the weeping.  You have called upon Me for your direction.  As I give you direction, your heart questions!   I will give it once and twice and even three times.  For I am turning all things around for good to those who love Me and look for My appearing.  Follow after that which is good.  Follow after the Spirit.  As you continue to lean on man, it will be the blind leading the blind.  All that you have gained, all that I have taught you, allow others to glean from you, the truths I have taught you.  I have yet much to give, much to impart.  Come now, as you turn to Me in the secret place, I will answer your most important questions.

Refreshing   I will lead you day by day if you will follow.  In this time your faith is being stretched   and you are coming into a new place of the heavenly realm.  Rejoice!  There is refreshing for you.  I want to refresh your spirit man.  Come to Me!  I have gone before you and prepared the way for you.  Do not fear!  Do not look to what you sense or what that which is around you, but fix your eyes upon Me and look only to Me.  No man can help you.  This is a decision you will make and when have made that decision, your pathway will become clearer and clearer.

???????? As a lamb being led to the slaughter, I have led you this way for a purpose.  Isaac will be your example of a sacrifice as you follow My way.  If you choose to lean on the arm of flesh, this will always become another Ishmael.  Rejoice, My children and again I say rejoice!  Come and follow Me, deep calling unto deep.  Come and follow.  I will make your direction clear in the secret chamber of My presence.

Amen and Amen
Gail Manizak
March 10, 2015


Praising God because His way is perfect, His way is pleasant, those who have not tasted of His way are missing so much.  Adore Him in the secret place seek out His will for you and be steadfast in it, you will be beyond blessed in every facet of life, including trials and troubles.  For those situations/circumstances that seem so difficult in our lives are the very situations/circumstances that define our life in Him, build our character in Him and make us strong in Him.

Rejoice, Vision and hope unfolding….

ImageVision and Hope will unfold for each of you….


March 3, 2014

The Lions Den, No Tear, No Fear!

STEPS  There has been such a dark shadow of depression and dread over you, a time of transition, trials and troubles.  Life is not on the bright side right now.  I am establishing your ways daily.  Your steps are ordered of Me.  I am pleased with you.  My choice is for you to be joyful, for you to be happy.  I am bringing you out and into to this place once again.  As My Glory overtakes you, doom and gloom will flee.

Palace  Surely I am taking you from the PIT to the PALACE.  Even as Joseph suffered much, he was blessed much.  Many rose up against him to attempt to steal, kill and destroy but I saved him through it all.  Come and go with Me!  Follow My lead!  You have given Me your heart.  Look directly to Me!  I will lead you to the place of your destiny.   I will take YOU also from the PIT to the PALACE.  It is not My purpose for you to stay in this place.  You are only passing through this land, YOU ARE not APPOINTED  to stay.

Come away with Me, My children, into the secret place and re-group.  Gather the promises and rejoice even now before the day breaks forth.  Glorious excitement is about to fill the air. You will be filled with joy afresh and anew.  All that I have is yours.  I am her, you must not fear.

LIONS DEN  You have been called to be brave and to kill the bear, to hang out in the lion’s den, and even there you will not shed a tear..

TEARS   No Tears!  No fear!  It is a New Day!  I place within you the “heart of a Lion”.  The future is bright and new.  Rejoice!  I am leading you and guiding because  you have looked to Me, because you have trusted Me.  I am no more than a breath away.  Lift up your head and your hands that hang down!  Praise Me and worship Me!  My child, you already know the way.  It is in your heart.  I release the oil of joy for the spirit of heaviness.
Called to be free as long as you are with Me, we two shall walk as one.

Amen and Amen

Gail Manizak
December 7, 2014


be freeI have a sense that the Lord is saying today the Red Sea is parting for many, those who have sought Me and for those that have not yet known Me.  I see many feet standing at the edge of the Sea and you have waited and waited, you have walked on in your distress and in your need, because somewhere inside of you believed in Me say the Lord, I see .  I have seen the distress, I have seen troubled hearts here and afar, and those walking in fear, the doubts that have assailed you, yet you have stayed on the path, sought after truth and reality,  something/someone moved you on, pressed you forward…. My children, “that Someone was Me”.

The Lord says I am honoring you, this is your time, this is your season of light, I am opening windows and doors, some that you have only dreamt of or hoped for and thought would never be,  the Lord says I am a GOOD Father.  I see, I hear and I wait, I will do more, and this includes to restore.  I said in My word,  ask and you shall receive?  Trust Me and believe.  A simple task, for some, too simple to believe!

At times you hit rock bottom, you hit that dead end, yet something inside you moved you on ahead.  Why?  you said and what can it be that my heart yearns for, why do I continue hit this dead end?  I am weary and worn, not able to see, my pathway has been dim, I am tired of not being free.

Red Seas are parting {you will be healed, your marriage will be restored, you will have a sound mind, you will not walk in fear, you will find the path God has chosen, you will come out of the desert place, you will rise up out of that valley, every chain will be broken, you will be whole, every addiction will flee, You Will…. } YOU WILL BE FREE.

chains freeThere is one God,  in Him you can believe.  [Jesus Christ , the Holy One]
You sinned?  ask forgiveness:  YOU WILL BE FREE!!!

You sinned?  ask forgiveness:  The message has always been repent, choose life, be free.  Hopefully not too simple for thee!

Gail Manizak
December 1, 2014

My Own Person Divine Healing

Healer of WoundsThe Middle of May 2012, after being sick since April 8, 2012, (on Easter) I finally went to the Dr to find out what was wrong.  I had not been able to eat for almost two months, not anything more than a soda cracker every now and then.

I had a trip planned with a good friend who had called and asked me to go to a church to visit on the weekend of Pentecost Sunday (May 27, 2012).  She had made plans to go with her but if her husband he was not able to go,  she wanted to know if I would go, I said yes and was looking forward to a weekend away.

I went into see the Dr before going just to get it off my mind and find out what I was facing.  The ultra sound showed a Gall Bladder full of Gall Stones, and what looked to be a mass on the Pancreas, and a two inch nodule on my adrenal gland.  She wanted me to see a Surgeon right away, so I saw him before leaving for the weekend of the 25th.  He wanted to do a CT scan, and more tests, and was speaking of surgery.  I told him I was going away for the weekend (no matter what was wrong (I did not want to cancel this little trip and by this time had lo planned on visiting the healing rooms before coming home) and when I got back, I told him  I would call and schedule the Scan.

We left, Friday, May 25, 2012 and would be home the following Monday May 28th.  My friend and I had a great time, went to service Friday night, my friend prayed for me that night, and I was able to eat the next morning.  That morning we had planned o n visiting the healing room, and we did along with hundreds of others.  The waiting room was flooded with Christian music and an atmosphere of praise, it was amazing.  I went in for prayer when they called my name, and the Presence of God was overflowing in that room, I could barely stand on my feet.  It was a sweet joyful presence that seemed to fill my very being, it was amazing.  We went to the Alabaster House which is a place of prayer and meditation for the people, it was beautiful.  I took lots of pictures.

Saturday after the healing Room we went on with basically a free day we ate out for lunch and dinner….I was able to eat both meals.  The whole meal.  I knew something had changed in my body just for the fact I could eat.

Sunday morning we went to Pentecost Morning Service, early service and it was wonderful, stayed for both services and then headed home.  We stopped on the way home to eat Lunch/Dinner and the Olive Garden and I had my favorite meal of Chicken Alfredo, ate the whole meal again.  I was feeling good.

We got home late and Monday, I called for my Scan and was in the office Tuesday, May 29th and had my results from the Scan on the 31st of May which was so times, as we were planning on moving June 1, 2012.  General practitioner called and said they found nothing in the Gall Bladder or anything on the Pancreas.  The Surgeon sent me a note in the mail and said your Pancreas looks great Gail.

I share this for those who need hope that God still heals, He certainly does.  He is the SAME yesterday today and forever.   Press in for your healings, even like the lady in the Bible with the issue of Blood did, do not give up.  God will heal and He will do it in His way.  Through Dr’s., Medicine, or Supernaturally.  BUT He is the one who heals.  Gail Manizak

A Personal Word for Someone, You Will know!

[  If you know this person please share this.  I had a dream last night and I know the Lord wants this msg to get to someone somewhere and I am not sure where so I will try every avenue to get this msg to this person.]   

DREAM:November 16, 2014

I was waiting upon someone to meet with, not sure who in the dream.  Then a car drove up and the young woman in the car was angry and frustrated, talking to herself, her face all distorted, looking totally disillusioned. She was ready to tell someone exactly what she thought. As we greeted I saw that she was full of rejection.  Used and abused most of her life by those around her friends and family alike.  It was obvious she had come to hate herself.  She had also come to a place where she was so confused questioning  her sexual orientation.

There had been a Prophetic Word spoken over her early on, and it was cherished by this young woman.  But due to the extreme difficulties of life she had begun to wonder if the Prophetic Word was true and if the Word was really from the Lord.  As she spoke of the Prophetic Word she was very angry and confused and yet;   I saw within her heart,  though she spoke very angrily through her lips,  within her heart there was a softness and the Word of the Lord was precious to her within her own heart.  She was still hanging on to that Word on the inside of her heart. Hoping and praying.
In the Dream when she relayed the Word of the Prophecy to me, I was assured it was the Lord speaking to her and the Presence of God was upon me when she told me what the Prophecy. And I said Yes, that was the Lord, and explained the sense of His presence as she spoke.  As I said “yes, it was the Lord” her eyes began to light up and her countenance changed very gradually.

Then in the dream I asked her name, she said Bessie, and I said “oh that is a pretty name”.  Then she said to me, because you said that I believe everything you have said is the Word of the Lord. The way she said this made me  believe her name had a great part in the way she had been treated by the way that she said it.

Bessie Logo Small

Just before i left her I said give me your email, she wrote it down and it had a name?? and then 77 after it.  End of Dream.


Personal Word Nov 16, 2014 for Bessie…

Every word spoken in that prophetic word you have already received is from the Lord do not be disheartened.  It was the Word of God directly for you.  Do not be deceived any longer..  All the things He said He will do, all that He said you are and that you will be is true.  His plans for you are coming about, despite disbelief and doubting, Disbelief and doubt are being removed, joy is returning, you will no longer hate yourself, or your life.  You are really called by Him “His little Princess”, believe it because He said it.

This is the completion twice over of the difficult season you have been in, you are coming out of it into a NEW DAY, things will be better, and this will come about quickly.  The Lord says you do not have to hide anymore He is your identity and you are coming out strong.  Be encouraged.
Gail Manizak
November 16, 2014


???????????????????    I, the Lord, am breaking down barriers and walls in your life that have been erected by man.  Many are the layers of responsibilities and the ways of the world that have been placed upon you.  I am doing this.  As you have reached out for help and called upon My name, this is the year of deliverance.  I am removing those layers of responsibilities placed upon your lives, that were not yours to carry. Even that which life and people have placed upon you, and now the Light of the Kingdom comes in Great Glory.  Your life will LIGHT UP and darkness will flee.

LOAD   I am digging, pruning, removing layers and layers and layers off of your life.  The Lord says I am lightening your load today.  Though you have been far away, it is  My love that has drawn your heart once again.  As a very small child you were Mine.  There came a time you grew and you ran and ran and ran.  You followed your own way.  Like the Prodigal, you took your inheritance and lived in the world, according to the ways of the world.  As you, My children, are willing to come in closer and walk in freedom, you must release old religious thoughts, beliefs; Read My word as if you have NEVER read it before, throwing every pre-conceived idea, and pre-taught idea away.
Become open to the truth once again.  I have waited for you and waited to see this day, to see you turn and remember Me.  You are Mine and the world cannot have you.  Reach out and TOUCH TRUTH even as TRUTH HAS TOUCHED YOU TODAY: you see it, you feel it, you know it, it is a New Day.  Allow your thoughts and your prayers to rise and I will answer the sincere heart of all of My children.  I will breathe on you once again says the Lord.
Born leaders   As you have waited upon Me, know this, you have not waited in vain.  It is not by accident that circumstances have brought you to this place!  The time of change is upon you and I am now changing direction for many in this hour.  Ministry has been birthed in you since before you were born, My BORN LEADERS, many willing to follow are being birthed now into their destinies, now is the day of salvation.
There are many ways that My children can turn, there many different roads to take.  Let nothing stop you from finding the high road, there is but one way and the Lord says do not follow the blind, you will surely fall in a ditch.  Those of you who have known Me, you know the way, and have come in truth and you walk in the way.
not forsaken   I am the Lord of Hosts, Almighty God.  I am the Father you never had, I am the Mother you never had, I AM HE who loves you and has never left you nor forsaken you.  I alone watch over you to protect you and guard you, keeping you in the way everlasting.  Rejoice and rest!  Laying every weight and sin down that has so easily beset you.  My plans and purposes far exceed your thoughts and your ideas.
Rest and trust!
It has been a long journey home!

Contend now for the most excellent gift::: LOVE!!!  I Cor 13:1, 8
Gail Manizak
November 5, 2014


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October 31, 2014

give myself away


Expect Significant Change To Begin Now!” — SHARING REVELATION, ALL HEARTS AT EASE TRUSTING, I pray

!change is hereThere are a few real and significant remnant transition changes beginning to happen now that may affect your life very soon that I wanted to touch on. We are all transitioning together right now from out of our Wilderness training time, and into our Promised Land harvest time; so things have been less than stable or predictable lately. And as you may have noticed, there will be no going back to business as usual again; or anything as usual again. We have now truly entered God’s new frontier.
Below are just a few signs and changes to look for and be ready to respond to as they transpire.
1. The place you have been has lost its grace and you feel out of place and unsure of what to do or where to go next. This sense of disorientation and possible confusion often takes place just before God moves you to a new place with fresh direction and fresh grace. So try not to freak-out or think that God has abandoned you, because He hasn’t. Soon, He will clearly show you what to do next.
2. Holiness, obedience, and purity are a must now; and there is no more room for sin and the world in your life. Many of us have learned to meet our pain and fear relief needs though the things of this world and unfortunately sin as well; but God is not only rapidly weaning us off of these things but He is requiring us to not go back to them again no matter what. We must be stay clean to go forward.
3. God has been allowing unbeatable tormentors and unfixable situations to arise in order to drive us away from the old, and pull us toward the new. He is also using these annoyances to fix and heal old childhood roots of fear that have kept us bound. It may be tempting during this time to think that God doesn’t care because you will suffer without apparent remedy, but deliverance will come soon.
4. Expect tangible acts of restoration and healing to begin happening soon. God may accomplish this in ways you did not expect, so do not fear as more extreme things begin to happen in order to turn things around. Don’t resist these more abrupt changes, and do not seek to return to your more comfortable and predictable state. Just stay in step with God’s leading and cooperate as He moves.
5. The Lord is calling us to come away from everything and just seek Him right now through prayer, worship, meditation, and reading His word. You may feel like you’ve reached a dead-end and that God is not speaking, but He will show up if you will. If we respond, seek Him, and remain clean, His presence and voice will continue to become stronger. Also, expect angels to manifest in your home.
So be encouraged today and do not be discouraged if you don’t feel a strong level of God’s virtue or presence flowing though your life right now. Many of us are very dry and still dealing with a few old sin- habits; but all of this is meant to drive us away from the world and into the Kingdom fully. There is nothing to go back to but sin and error, so let go of all that defiles and distracts and open up all of your time for God alone. It’s time for us to remain clean and close to Him, and be ready for harvest!
DT 5:32 So be careful to do what the LORD your God has commanded you; do not turn aside to the right or to the left. 33 Walk in all the way that the LORD your God has commanded you, so that you may live and prosper and prolong your days in the land that you will possess.
Lonnie Mackley
Oct. 7th, 2014

Be Like the Eagle

Be Like the Eagle.

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