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Prophetic Insight, August 26, 2015

IntercessoryPrayerMinistryLG   You have pleased Me and stayed humble before Me.  You are one whom I have called in this generation to be a “Light Bearer” and to preach My Word with power and demonstration of the Holy Ghost. You have laid down your life and poured out yourself as a drink offering to Me.  I have seen the unselfishness within you and your heart to give and to be all that I have called you to be.  Know and understand My great love for you.  Many have been called but few are chosen.  You are chosen because you have chosen that which is good.  You have chosen the eternal rather than the temporal.  You have called evil, evil and good, good.  You have seen this world with My eyes.  I have trusted you with little and you have been faithful.  The day is coming when I will trust you with much and you will be faithful.

The Power and Presence Ministry
Gil Manizak

Prophetic Insight, August 22, 2015

IntercessoryPrayerMinistryLG  My children arise, as I, the Lord your God, am your strength, your shield, your buckler and your mighty tower.  Your path was at one time filled with darkness.  The flames kindled upon you.  There was hurt that did not cease, things surrounding your life to destroy you.  Early on life’s journey you chose the path of hardship.  You were blinded by the enemy.  Even before you called out to Me, I knew you.  I saw the hurt and the path of agony you would go through by wrong choices.  Many scars are left, unhealed wounds from the fires of the past but, the moment you came to Me, the healing began.  When you first lifted your voice to Me, I heard your cry.  I came to you for it was not a time to die.  I rescued you out of many waters, fiery trials, tribulations and many dark places.  I have nurtured, strengthened and brought you forth into the Gift of Eternal Life.  I say to you this day, “Hold tightly to My hand and walk with Me.  Do not cease from looking to Me for your help daily.  Call upon Me and I will answer you.”

The Power and Presence Ministry
Gail Manizak
August 22, 2015

Prophetic Insight, August 18, 2015

IntercessoryPrayerMinistryLGI have sought for a man who would say, “Yes, Lord” and would be willing to follow Me and to speak My word in truth.  I have found one in you.  This past season has been a winter season and seemed unbearable at times.  You are Mine and I am Yours.  There is no place you will go that I am not there.  Your times and days are in My hands and those around you have not understood but I, the Lord, have understood your coming in and your going out.  Though this past season has been cold, lonely and dark, through it all I have led the way.
The Power and Presence Ministry
Gail Manizak

There will be No SILENCE of the LAMBS>>>> August 1, 2015

IntercessoryPrayerMinistryLG   I have given to you a voice that will not be silenced but will grow stronger and stronger as you seek Me, as you read the word and seek to know My heart. You have been through times of wilderness and even felt the stagnation of being dry and thirsty. No fresh water has been available. I am waking you up to the reality of who I am and giving you a heart to persevere through the darkest valleys. Nothing will by any means hurt you. I am your protection and even the giver of your life. You have been ordained of God, called to serve. I am proud of you and have much to share with you in things you have not yet experienced. You are moving from Glory to Glory. Get more excited and allow your “First Love” to come back to the fullness of its place in your life. Share! Share My love……. Rejoice, My child! There is yet much in store for you. Reach out and touch the hem of My garment. Receive My impartation of fresh revelation.

The Power and Presence Ministry
Gail Manizak
August 1, 2015

Prophetic Insight, July 29, 2015


July 29, 2015

I am raising you up to stand on higher ground, to greater understanding. I have called you to be a light bearer, one who will carry the light of God. The past couple of years have not been easy. Better days are ahead for you. There is new strength coming and new vision which brings much hope to the heart. Many days you were depressed, discouraged and afflicted, many thoughts in regard to “what is My life” and “what does God want me to do”!   I have great plans for your life, a destiny pre-ordained for you from before the foundations of the world. The battle came when My anointing was released upon you. Before you had an anointing there was NO battle! There is a releasing of greater revelation for you. Church is going to become a place you really, really enjoy in a greater way than ever before. This will not be church as usual. But this will be a LIVING CHURCH like a LIVING WORD. Get ready for change, do not be conformed to pre-conceived ideas, I am removing those, I am showing you the way as you ask, seek, and knock. I AM ALIVE!

The Power and Presence Ministry​
Gail Manizak, blessings friends, Jesus is alive and WELL, Rejoice!!

Prophetic Insight, July 27, 2015

IntercessoryPrayerMinistryLG   Rejoice! Do not fear! I hold you in the palm of My hand. All that is behind is surely behind you. Let it go and come into My Holy Place. Come and talk with Me. Pour out to Me your ideas and thoughts. As your heart desires, I will fulfill. Desire things of eternal value. Do not go after that which is not of eternal value. Do not delay to come. I have spoken quietly to you and you have been meek and mild. I am bringing you into a new season of strength and of boldness. My anointing is placed on your life. You will speak My word with the boldness of a Lion. Prepare yourself for I am about to take you, My children, into your greatest season. Your total breakthrough is found only in Me. Rejoice! Place all complaining and murmuring away from you. It has no place in you.

The Power and Presence Ministry​
Blessings Gail Manizak​


Strongest SOLDIERS     To You Mighty Warriors in the Faith.  There have been times when you have stood up when no one else would stand and you have spoken truth when no one else would speak truth and You have pleased Me.   YOU ARE THOSE WHO HAVE SOUGHT ME IN THE DAY AND NIGHT SEASONS OF YOUR LIFE AND YOU ARE GOING FULL STRENGTH AHEAD, FOLLOWING MY LEAD MOMENT BY MOMENT.  There have been troubles and trials but the Lord has placed “Grace, which is sufficient” upon your life.  It has always been there for you, through every hardship and every fiery trial.  There has been seasons upon seasons of troubles yet the strength you have is sufficient for the day.

The days ahead of you, I am raising you up, I am enlarging your borders, I can do this, not man.  Since you are called to walk in the light, walk in the light as good soldiers of the Cross.


Your season has not looked light and bright yet the time is coming when the seasons are changing.  Many of You do not see yourself doing much for the Kingdom, seemingly at a standstill for this moment, but do not despair,  I have only called you to obey.

Do not fret yourself over evil and evil doers.  I am building in you perseverance and strength that will overcome EVERY obstacle.  Certainly you are called and are a Warriors in the Faith.



They will obey because you have learned My ways and stepped out into the ARENA OF FAITH and WALKED ON THE WATER by faith.

I will give you rest.  For this season, some rest is required.   Look up and rely upon Me!   In the times that you have placed your eyes on man, you have LOST your focus.

‘Look to the hills from where your help comes’. I will never leave you comfortless or weary or worn.


You are mine and I am working in you to will and to do of My good pleasure.  Praise, sing, laugh, because your enemies are being scattered!  Lay aside every weight and sin which so easily besets you!   Rise to the occasion.  Walk by faith for I have called you to walk by faith and not by sight.



Gail  Manizak
The Power and Presence Ministry

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