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May 10, 2014 Prophetic Encouragement.

the-glory-of-godFor followers:  This is a Word the Lord gave me this morning for “The Power and Presence Ministry Intercessor Team”, this is the first word He has ever given me, as a whole, for them.  I wanted to share this,  as I believe TRULY God is NO Respecter of persons and what He has for them He has for you also, if this bears witness with your spirit, if it touches your spirit, receive it for yourself, because God is speaking to all of His children, His great love is all around you, not matter if you are a new baby christian or been a Christian for 100 years.  God Bless you all.] much love Gail Manizak
yet to comeInspired::::The Lord says, there are things that are yet to come from the hand of God for you Intercessors, look for a new season, the shift has already come, in this coming season you will shine brightly and those around you will literally see the Light, Father says you will NOT see the light, but they, the world around you will see the Light, for even now and as it has been said, coming upon the earth, Gross Darkness has come upon the earth, Gross Darkness is covering the earth  Arise and let your light shine, though some may not like you and some may hate you, you My own children will be the only LIGHT in this dark world that these will be able to find help through says the Lord. You are My hands,m You are My feet, Your the vessel I cleansed to use for My Glory, go forth and submit all things to Me, releasing Heaven to touch Earth everywhere you go.  Let’s go……  
stage is setThe stage is set, and the answer to prayers are in motion, doors are opening, your days are just beginning.  Changes are coming, in the area of finances, health, new strength, new hope, new vision… New Days are ahead, Days you have not seen as yet says the Lord,  that which is on the Horizon you cannot even fathom, the plans I have for you are unimaginable, they are unfathomable, as My thoughts and yes My plans are higher then yours,  Yet even this day I give you ears to hear and I give you eyes to see, even as the servant saw the Great Army of God, as soon as God pulled back the curtain and allowed him to see into the Heavenly Realm on earth, so the Lord says I am getting ready to reveal great and mighty things you have not known nor have you seen.
Holy WomenFather says My Holy Women/Men, walk on in My strength trusting in My ways that will come about mightily, quickly and surprisingly and you will not miss one thing I have to show you, you will not miss one thing I am about to release upon the earth.  For you My own Daughters of Warfare, and Strength, yet you are My little Sparrows, My love is all around you, My comfort is all around you, My Holy Angels guard you night and day lest you might dash your foot against a stone, My lovely ones, I call you to come and dine with Me, slip away come into the Holy place, let Me speak to you in this time. I direct your every step as you look to Me says the Lord.  Establishing your steps the Lord says many times You thought you missed a step but the Lord says, “No”, you took the step and it did not seem good but it worked in you My will, My plan and My purpose.  My thoughts are Higher, My ways they are higher.  

sparrow 1My sparrows, My little sparrows I pour out My love upon You today, I bless you today, I watch over you, I take care of you, I am promoting you in this hour.  Humble Yourselves under My mighty hand and follow My lead says the Lord.  Amen and Amen….

Written by Gail Manizak
Inspired of the Lord, as only He can Inspire!!!
Holy God, Almighty Saviour, amen.

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