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Prophetic Insight, August 3, 2015

IntercessoryPrayerMinistryLG   It is Very Important what We are Listening to At this Time, Listen to God! St ay in tune with the word, do not neglect to pray, God is hearing and He is answering your requests and petitions. . Many are learning to take their authority over the wicked one, they are exercising their AUTHORITY in the WORD and according to the BLOOD of JESUS>>>>many that have not been seeing answers are now seeing, they are learning and they are growing, they are seeing, literally SEEING great results.

This is the year that you will come out of your place of silence. I will give you a platform to use your voice. You are NOT only drawn to the prophetic but you hear the prophetic clearly. I have prepared you for end time ministry. There have been some that have tried to silence you and tell you differently. I am bringing you to the forefront. I am making the pathway clear for you. Keep looking to Me. I am doing it all. It has nothing to do with what you can do. I will open the way before you just as I opened the Red Sea. There will be no doubt and no one will silence you any longer as you seek Me. I say this and it will be so. Watch and see Me as I open doors that no man can open. You have been held back in ministry by leadership and your critics. Today I am breaking the powers of negativity against you and bringing you out.

Fear not, My children, for I have invested my life in you and I have invested much revelation. Many would not hear you but now is the time for more revelation. Many will listen. I have not given you a heavy burden to carry. I have not put that on you. Rest in Me! Allow Me to do a deeper work in your inner man. There has been hurt and there is need of healing due to injustices. Just give it to Me. My love for you is great and is drawing you into the deep places. No man shall stop you. I am guiding you as you look to Me through every situation. I will show you the way and make it clear, no more confusion, no more. Look only to Me! Remove your eyes and ears from man! It is to Me alone you will answer for your decisions. Look to Me!

The Power and Presence Ministry
Gail Manizak

No Fear

Amen! What God reveals He heals, the old saying goes. Want to encourage “no fear”, God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of Power and Love and a Sound Mind. Be encouraged, though the world is spiraling into deeper darkness the Church (us) , we are arising into greater light.

God reveals the plans of the enemy, by prayer many times we can change the coming storms and troubles.

There is never a post that should create fear…amen. Fear is a spirit, pray it away, fast, cast or whatever you have to do but do not accept it. Amen..just saying You are stronger than you think you are. Blessings always, Gai

Be Like the Eagle

Be Like the Eagle.

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