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All Of My Children Want To Run To The Front Lines, Endure Your Preparation with Joy!

TRAINNING   My children, the truth you shall know in due season as you walk and talk with Me.  I have plans and strategies for you that no man will take the glory for.  I am bringing you by way of the Spirit-taught children, taught of the Holy Ghost and taken through the Schooling of the Holy Ghost.  I have called you.  You have looked towards the heavens from where your help comes.  You have not looked to man.  It seems the days go by quickly and not much seems to be happening.  This is a time of training, a time of teaching and preparing for what is ahead.

TROUBLES   Look at your walk and know that there is One that goes before you daily.  Saying; “Here, this is the way, walk ye in it”.  I have led you through many troubles.  I have walked with you through the fiery furnace but kept you safe through it all.  Look neither to the right nor to the left!  Look only to Me!  In Me is the fullness of all things.  I have called you to be a Priest unto Me.  First and foremost, raise the banner high!   In your priestly duties you will give honor where honor is due.  I am a jealous God.  I desire your time.  Many are not willing to give their time to Me.  Seek Me through My word.   Understanding is opened to you in a greater way, as  you seek you will find.  Keep your heart open and receive from My word!  Study to show yourself approved to Me, a workman who is worthy of Me.  My Spirit reveals truth.  Take it and allow My word to dwell in your hearts richly.  Do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will take care of itself.  Time is invaluable now.  Spend time with Me.  Come away and sit with Me!  All of My children want to run to the front lines.  They want to do this and they want to do that.  Be prepared before you go!  It will be worth the time to sit before Me in quietness and confidence, allowing yourself a time of preparation.  There is a need for My word to grow deep within you and abide in you.  Abide in Me.  The truth you will receive is needful to digest.  Through My Word receive strength for the hour you are in.  and Rejoice!

???????????????????????????   The steps of a righteous man are directed of the Lord.  Trust Me and follow what I am showing you.  Be obedient to Me.  You will be brought to your destiny quickly.   Ministry is needful.  Though it is needful, preparation and growth, intimacy and revelation My children receive of Me is most needful in this time.  Seek Me with all of your heart.  Learn of Me.  Rejoice, My children!  You are truly a children that delight My heart.  Rejoice!  Not in that which I have given you power to do, but rejoice that you are in Me and I am in you!  Again I say Rejoice!

Amen and Amen
Gail Manizak
February 28, 2015

To My Wayward Children, Look Up!

To My Wayward Children, Look Up!.  REPOST……


God loves you so much.  There was a time I did  not know the Lord, and surely did not know the REALITY of a God who cared.  HE found me when I was not even looking for Him as I knew nothing about Him……  I am so glad for the day He found me, for the day he revealed His great love to me, I cannot imagine the mess my life would be in without His guidance, His love and His mercy, His grace that has brought me through every trial and every difficult season I have ever faced.  I am grateful to be secure in Him.

Greater than a Tsunami Wave, Yes Even Greater, Rejoice!

Image[Since the first of this year, as thought upon this year I sensed DOORS  opening for us, the Portals of Heaven opening over our churches and over our homes. I saw a new sense of the word LOVE coming into the people of God; the doors God was opening would require us to know true LOVE, to be LOVE unveiled, to LOVE mankind without reserve, to LOVE the unlovely, to LOVE the broken, the bruised and the forsaken.  He requires us to open our arms to any and all of those that would enter our homes, our businesses and our churches with LOVE and MERCY in truth. 

I began to understand that this year is about Love!!!  And you might be saying “Gail, isn’t every year about love, every moment about love, everything with God about love?  and I would have to say I believe it is”.  

But this year has seemed different as I have sensed Gods FOCUS has been on LOVING:::  us LOVING, us really LOVING.  He has dealt with many hearts about this and many see themselves falling short, yet God is about to do what we have not been able to do, He is about to Baptize us all over again in His kind of LOVE, the LOVE like Jesus has, the mercy and kindness like Jesus has, the giving ALL “kind of heart” like Jesus has, the OPEN ARMS like Jesus has had for us……

Do you have that kind of LOVE?  Many have been through trials of fire, betrayal and pits and thorn bushes that could have devastated your lives, or even taken you out;  but because of His LOVE, because you knew HIM, you trusted Him, You came through it. 

Since we are His hands extended and we are His legs, we are HIs body, He is expecting we will do these things, as this is what His word teaches us to do.

As I pondered this over and over this year, I have sensed the Lord saying this is the year of LOVE, this is the THEME of LIFE this year, LOVE!]

ImageThe Lord says I am purging out the old and bringing in the new, I have chosen you to spring forth and burst forth into lovely flowers this year, scented with the fragrance of Heaven, Father says I am releasing the Fragrance of Heaven and My own are literally smelling the Fragrance I am releasing.  I am releasing a fragrance into the land as never before, breath deep, take all you want, I have not put limits on you My children.   

ImageEven beginning this year, this very month there has been a Tsunami forming, a release of the Floodgates of Heaven, I have scores and cities and states of people coming into the Kingdom, prepared for this time, ordained to serve,  the Tsunami has begun, can you endure it?  They have answered the CALL. 

For in this time and in these seasons you have been prepared for such a time as this.  God  says I am bringing the Bride into My house, I am bringing the children of the Bride, and the Grandchildren of the Bride, and even the Great Grandchildren and more…..Can you perceive this, NOW?  

ImageI have been into the Highways and the Hedges and compelled all to come in.  The Lord says I am preparing a Bride for Myself, this is a Bride the World would not choose.  I am purging My church to arise to the call, to be ready and prepared even as the ten virgins,  I ask you ONCE AGAIN,  are your LAMPS filled with OIL?  Or will you be found wanting? 

ImageDuring this Wave of My Spirit many in the churches and even those holding high places and seats of honor will flee from My presence, because they have not sought My presence, they have  not loved Me and they have not served Me, the inside of the cup is dirty and stained, they have chosen the ways of the world, they have loved the world, yet they look good to My church? Through all of this, My own will NOT b e MOVED!

ImageI am exposing the false from the real openly,I am  purging My House of Prayer, and cleansing the Temple, will you be cleansed.   Will you repent from Dead Works, and will you come and be cleansed or will you continue in your sin and flee from My presence.  I am merciful and kind, I have been longsuffering with a people who have rebelled against Me again and  again, separation is coming to My House, a separation of the true and the false.  My people will shine like the Bright and Morning Star, for God is not mocked.   As My Presence enters the Temple, all darkness will flee. Prepare for this Tsunami wave of My presence, no darkness will be able to stand, you will either bow or you will flee.

ImageFather says I am bringing in, the unloved, the unlovely, the broken, the sick and the bruised once again.  Therefore the gifts of healing, deliverance, and the binding up of the wounds of the wounded, will come about in My House of Prayer once again in great measure.  The wayward, the unlovely, the lost, the broken these are the they are the sheep of My pastures and I love them.  Arise and Shine and walk in the anointing of My dear Son, for each and every one of you are called to this same anointing .

Amen and Amen
Gail Manizak
April 22, 2014

It is Daybreak!!!

daybreakThere is nothing that takes Me by surprise and nothing you are going through that I am unaware of. All things are in My hands. All things are in My jurisdiction, I am aware, even when things look like everything is going wrong and everything is out of control, I alone will see you through with great victory. So not fear!
Do not be moved by the circumstances of life. This has been a time of climbing, climbing and climbing, now rest will come. You are mighty in spirit. You are mighty in prayer. Even at times when you are sensing weakness, you lift your voices to Me with thanksgiving and praise.

You cause the enemy’s camp to TREMBLE,

when you PRAISE.

When you DECLARE MY name ALL opposition TREMBLES,

all around you,
and as it trembles you must CONTINUE……
do not stop then and look around but keep praising, keep focus.

Wait on Me. Learn to wait.

A DARK hour has covered the earth,
the enemy is seeking whom he may devour….

At anytime that you feel rushed upon. the enemy will rush you into sin, he will confuse you quickly. At any moment that you would feel rushed, be still and know that I am God. I am a God of peace, of mercy of gentleness, longsuffering. Discern the spirits. It is a process of new depth. I am teaching you a depth of training in Me that you can only learn by entering into this place with Me that says, “I will trust you, Lord. I will place all of My trust in you. I will sit at your feet. I will wait upon You for my strength”.

For this moment in time I have called you to seek My heart, to lay every weight and sin down which so easily besets you. Now is the day that shackles are broken and chains ARE fallING off, look up your REDEMPTION draws near.
The purposes that I have for you have been hidden and not revealed, I have a perfect timing and a perfect plan. It has taken years of preparation, and years of training to bring you to this place. As I have worked in you to do and to will of My good pleasure: the Lord says:
Many of you thought I was done,
and you thought the day was over for you.

Even as Abraham and Sarah did not see My purpose.
My promise they knew, purpose came late in life, but NEVERTHELESS it came.
I did NOT change My mind, they did NOT get too old,

they fulfilled My plan and My purpose just as each of you will do.

Do not be weary in well doing

just before the breaking of dawn..WATCH n SEE..

A New Day Is Breaking!

A New Day is Dawning!

Look upon the HORIZON now!


I have the plan. I have the perfect plan. Seek Me with all of your heart even today. Understand this, the enemy has a voice and as you seek Me that voice is SILENCED. In Me there is clarity of vision. There is clarity of hearing and neither will you be deceived; as those of you who have asked of Me: BREAD,
I give you BREAD and NOT A STONE.
If your father on earth, being evil, gives you good gifts, why would you think I would do any less for you? Even this day, My children, I release from heaven the truth and the revelation you have desired to know in greater depth.
Rejoice! The answer is on the way.
I have the words of eternal life, prosperity and health for each of you. Rejoice!

Amen and Amen
Gail Manizak.
April 16, 2014

New Wines Skins in this Hour

ImageWho may ascend to the hill of the Lord, and stand in His Holy place.  He who has clean hands and a pure heart, who has not lifted up his heart to vanity, neither foolish talk.  Enter in.  Arise and walk in the calling that I, have called you to walk in.  For you, have been called to the Mountain, a Holy calling, a calling that supersedes any.  Stay humble; though this has been a challenging time of change taking place, though you have been pressed on every side.  Think it not strange concerning the heat of the battle, but rejoice for great is your reward in heaven.  You have been called to Holiness, chosen says the Lord.  Three of My disciples ascended the hill of the Lord, three invited to climb up with Me.  The climb was not easy, the steps were difficult, the cost was life, steep was the climb, unique for each one.  The fear, the glory did not compare to anything they had seen and even in the midst they did not understand, but they were chosen.  I have called you to climb a mountain, and I have not said it would be easy, My grace is sufficient for you today and always.

If you had not faced the giants in your life, would you grow?  Would faith arise?  The servant is not greater than his Master.  I have called you to walk by faith, this is your walk of faith.  You have been stretched, and you have been pulled in diverse directions, being prepared for the New Wine skins of this hour.  My word to you is to walk in the Spirit and you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh for every man is tempted when he is drawn away of his own lust. 

When lust has conceived, it brings sin, and sin, when it is finished, bring forth death.  Walk in the ways I have taught you to walk.  Come, for I am calling a people who will not compromise their faith, who will not condone sin, who will not be swayed by every wind of doctrine, standing strong in the power of My might.  I am calling forth a glorious army, who will stand in faith through the good times and the bad.  A glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but one that is holy and without blemish, who has not lifted himself up to that which is false, nor sworn deceitfully.  Arise! Shout!  Amen and Amen

Gail Manizak
February 18, 2014

Fit for the Masters Use

You are a chosen vessel and fit for the Master’s use.  I have much in store for you.  I have many types of giftings that will come to you at one time or another throughout your life.  You are a follower and not one who tries to make your own way.  I call you to be a worshipper.  You have the heart of a worshipper.  You make your worship first priority.  All that is in you, in your destiny, will fall into place, I have blessed you in the past and led you by My Spirit.  I will continue to do so in the future.  Affliction has been disabling to you.  The manifestation of healing has been released and you can look for the fullness of healing to come upon you now.  You are My child.  Your healing has been completed in Me.

There have been many years you have waited and said to Me, “When, Lord”?  This is a season to rejoice.  This is a season of healing Bread and Wine.  I have saved the best for last and that is what I am pouring upon you in this season of your life.  You are one who has wished to walk hand in hand with Me and even to go back to the garden and walk with Me in the cool of the day.  This is that day.  Come, My child.  Walk with Me and talk with Me.  There is much I have to reveal to you.  You have given of yourself.  I am giving back to you that which you have unselfishly sown into the lives of others.  I am giving back to you in double measure.  Look in this season for your anointing to be a double portion, even a new mantle.  I am releasing many mantles for My children.  “Arise and Shine”!  This is the time when you will “STAND and you will SPEAK”.

Amen and Amen
Gail Manizak

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