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A Personal Word for Someone, You Will know!

[  If you know this person please share this.  I had a dream last night and I know the Lord wants this msg to get to someone somewhere and I am not sure where so I will try every avenue to get this msg to this person.]   

DREAM:November 16, 2014

I was waiting upon someone to meet with, not sure who in the dream.  Then a car drove up and the young woman in the car was angry and frustrated, talking to herself, her face all distorted, looking totally disillusioned. She was ready to tell someone exactly what she thought. As we greeted I saw that she was full of rejection.  Used and abused most of her life by those around her friends and family alike.  It was obvious she had come to hate herself.  She had also come to a place where she was so confused questioning  her sexual orientation.

There had been a Prophetic Word spoken over her early on, and it was cherished by this young woman.  But due to the extreme difficulties of life she had begun to wonder if the Prophetic Word was true and if the Word was really from the Lord.  As she spoke of the Prophetic Word she was very angry and confused and yet;   I saw within her heart,  though she spoke very angrily through her lips,  within her heart there was a softness and the Word of the Lord was precious to her within her own heart.  She was still hanging on to that Word on the inside of her heart. Hoping and praying.
In the Dream when she relayed the Word of the Prophecy to me, I was assured it was the Lord speaking to her and the Presence of God was upon me when she told me what the Prophecy. And I said Yes, that was the Lord, and explained the sense of His presence as she spoke.  As I said “yes, it was the Lord” her eyes began to light up and her countenance changed very gradually.

Then in the dream I asked her name, she said Bessie, and I said “oh that is a pretty name”.  Then she said to me, because you said that I believe everything you have said is the Word of the Lord. The way she said this made me  believe her name had a great part in the way she had been treated by the way that she said it.

Bessie Logo Small

Just before i left her I said give me your email, she wrote it down and it had a name?? and then 77 after it.  End of Dream.


Personal Word Nov 16, 2014 for Bessie…

Every word spoken in that prophetic word you have already received is from the Lord do not be disheartened.  It was the Word of God directly for you.  Do not be deceived any longer..  All the things He said He will do, all that He said you are and that you will be is true.  His plans for you are coming about, despite disbelief and doubting, Disbelief and doubt are being removed, joy is returning, you will no longer hate yourself, or your life.  You are really called by Him “His little Princess”, believe it because He said it.

This is the completion twice over of the difficult season you have been in, you are coming out of it into a NEW DAY, things will be better, and this will come about quickly.  The Lord says you do not have to hide anymore He is your identity and you are coming out strong.  Be encouraged.
Gail Manizak
November 16, 2014

You Don’t Have to Worry! (Philippians 4:1–9)

This is an Amazing word for us all.  Re-posting as sometimes we need a reminder to NOT worry or be anxious….I needed that today and this is what I received.


You Don’t Have to Worry! (Philippians 4:1–9).

Hearts are Healing

secret-place  . To those who have obtained like precious faith with us by the righteousness of our God and Savior Jesus Christ:You have come after Me for the eternal treasures of Heaven.  You have not sought after the things that are temporal and earthly.  Arise, children of God!  Allow Me to inhabit your praise.  Do not fear but only believe.  I have wooed you into the secret place.  Though your hearts have been battered and bruised, I will heal.  I bring healing to these open wounds.   I am call you to the secret place more often.  There is healing in this place.  The eyes of your understanding are being enlightened.  This is your season.  Come and sup with Me.  Allow Me to pour out upon you the saturation of My Spirit.  I am taking you to the high places.  I am taking you to places you thought you would never go, you thought never existed in this earthly realm.   You have laid your life down and said “yes, Lord”.  There are many issues of the heart yet to be healed.  This is the year I will catapult you over the garbage dump of trials.  You will soar high like the eagles.  Above the clouds, there is no turbulence, only peacefulness and joy in the Spirit.


Get ready!

I, the Lord thy God, am taking you out of the mire and the clay.

And setting YOUR feet upon a rock, Andestablishing YOUR steps.

I am taking you to the next level and bringing greater understanding to you.

My child, My precious little lambs,

I sought you and I bought you,

I paid the price IN FULL, FREEDOM and LIBERTY are yours!

Enough-is-Enough-Poster  Enough is enough!  .   I set your feet on solid ground.  There is no  issue of lack.  You are one who has lifted your heart to Me and said, “I know My God will make a way for me”.  I made the way even before you asked says the Lord.

The times of testing have been difficult and the enemy meant it for your harm.  I turn all things around for your good, ALL things are working for the purpose of good  Look to the midnight hour for a release of Heavenly wisdom, even a downpour of Heavenly rain.  This is to bring freshness to you and surely the enemy will be put to flight.

                                                          A DOWN POUR!

                                SORROW WILL NO MORE BE YOUR PORTION.

                                                      THIS IS A NEW DAY!

The time of birthing has ended and this is the season to rejoice over the newness of life.  Watch and see for what I will do.   Where I will take you will amaze you and you will once again stand in awe at the greatness of My plans.  Rejoice, My children,  for My Glory will be revealed in you!

Amen and Amen

Gail Manizak
July 15, 2014

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