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I Have Not Forgotten

ImageThis day I have released within you a word that will be spoken in this season.  You are My chosen one.  I have brought you to a people who are rebellious.  They have been brought low by the enemy that has invaded their camp.  I chose you because you said, “Lord send me, I will go”.  You are right where you asked to be.  You said, “here I am Lord, send me”.  You said, “where you send me, I will go”.  I have not forgotten that. 

This is the season I have sent you to be a repairer of the breach, a mender of the fence.  There are not many that I would send to this people.  I have chosen you.  I have sent a man with the word of the Lord to proclaim to this people My truth.  Be it not far from you to understand My will. 

You will face your Sanballats and your Tobiahs, your mockers, liars and deceivers, but I, the Lord, will cause you to see them before they reach out to touch you.  My protection is all about you, around you and nothing will touch you to bring harm to you.  You, My child, are called out for this time to this people.  Many will turn away.  Do not allow that to disturb you.  I have called you to speak My word and to follow My leading.  Some  within your own walls will walk away.  This is the time to arise and say, “blessed be the name of the Lord”.

ImageThere is a time coming that I will come in and a mighty work will be accomplished in this place.  This is My house designed for My presence and yet those that were Mine sought their own way, sought their own desires, sought after their blessings.  They turned aside everyone to do as they pleased, allowing the enemy to overtake them.  But now I have brought a you who will stand in the gap, who will not be swayed by the ways of Sanballats, Tobiahs and lies, the mocking and deceit, but will stand for righteousness and settle for nothing less.  I have called a man who will do my bidding, who will walk in My wisdom and My ways, one who will recognize the enemy afar off.  With the weapons I have provided for you, speak My word and destroy the forces of evil!  I, the Lord, have trained you to see when evil is present.  I have trained your hands to war.  The weapons of your warfare are not carnal but mighty through Me.  I have brought you into this place.  I have ordered your steps and set you in a place that you have questioned, “Is this your will Lord”?  And I said, “yes, this is My will”.  Watch and see for I have much for you to do.  I have called you to this place.  I qualified you before I sent you to speak My word in truth.  Pronounce My word, not giving heed to the look on the faces of the people.

ImageFeed My sheep!  They are hungry.  They are thirsty.  Know that I am with you.  If everyone were to turn from you, I will never leave you nor forsake you.  You are mine!  Walk in My ways continually.  I have many things for you that, in due season.  I am releasing, answers to prayers that you have waited for. 

I am God and I have not forgotten.  I have not missed one prayer or request nor has My timing been amiss.  But as you trust Me, My child, I have much to pour into your life.  Blessings and honor.  Feed My sheep!  Make them strong again!  Now is the time to arise!  Now is the time!  Can you hear the dry bones shaking?  Can you hear the rattling of the dead bones coming alive?  Yes, you can and you will, for I am making it so.  Continue in My way!  In My leading, do not fear any man but seek Me with all of your heart, mind and soul. 

Gail Manizak
April 5, 2014


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